As For My Hopes…

By Superintendent Luke Francois It’s my birthday! A birthday is an occasion to celebrate the anniversary of one’s birthdate and my birthday is July 4th.   Sharing my birthday with the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776 allows me to joke that everyone gets the day off to celebrate… Continue Reading As For My Hopes…

How to Fail

by Superintendent Luke Francois Fifteen years ago, I read an Ann Landers column on advice for graduates that I cut out and kept.  James Jackowski wrote the article for The Sun newspaper in Holyoke, Mass. and submitted the piece to Landers.  Every year, several friends ask him to reprint it at graduation time and now… Continue Reading How to Fail

A Note of Thanks

by Superintendent Luke Francois I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal appreciation to now past School Board Member Glenn Kinch for his most recent three years of service to the Mineral Point School District’s Board of Education.  Glenn had also previously served on the School Board before my arrival six years… Continue Reading A Note of Thanks

Learn About the Candidates

by Superintendent Luke Francois The February Primary is over, and the candidates for State Superintendent are now known.  Challenger Lowell Holtz, former Beloit and Whitnall Superintendent, faces incumbent Tony Evers in the April 4th general election.  Evers is seeking a third term as State Superintendent. Local Dodgeville School District Administrator John Humphries was eliminated as… Continue Reading Learn About the Candidates

Peace of Mind

by Superintendent Luke Francois A summer pastime for our family is camping. My wife and I started as tent campers in 1997. Through the years, a tent turned into a pop-up, and a pop-up into a travel trailer, as our family grew to include four children and a golden retriever. This past summer our camping… Continue Reading Peace of Mind

The Promise of a New Year

by Superintendent Luke Francois Happy New Year!  The new year is a chance to look back at past accomplishments and look forward to future opportunities.  The final year end holds many recognitions and achievements.  The District received the highest state ranking possible as a distinguished five-star District.  One news outlet recognized the middle school as… Continue Reading The Promise of a New Year

Election Season Not Over

The recent presidential election was a historic event.  President-elect Donald Trump will be the oldest president when he takes office.  (Ronald Reagan was 69 when he took office.)  Trump will also be the first New Yorker as president in over 71 years.  And no other candidate spent so little as Trump did on his election… Continue Reading Election Season Not Over

6th Part of Well-Being: Art and Music

by Superintendent Luke Francois Recently I read a book that offered five elements of well-being that constitute a life that matters. These five elements are: How you occupy your time or simply liking what you do every day: or Career Well-being. Having strong relationships and love in your life: or Social Well-being. Effectively managing your… Continue Reading 6th Part of Well-Being: Art and Music

What Do You Stand For?

by Luke Francois Black lives matter.  Blue lives matter.  All lives matter.  How to make sense of these turbulent times? A national debate swept students into discussions around race, the police, and what it means to be a patriot. Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, takes a knee during the National Anthem in protest of… Continue Reading What Do You Stand For?