School Board Week

by Mitch Wainwright This is Wisconsin School Board Week.  October 3rd through the 9th is the week where we can publicly recognize the efforts our local school board members give and offer our support and thanks for the job they do. When we step back and look at the time, energy, and commitment that a school board… Continue Reading School Board Week

Nervous Energy

by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright Every year there is some nervous energy when the new school year is about to begin.  For students it may be “Will my teacher like me?” “Will I like my teacher?” “Will my friends be in the same classes I am?”  For staff members there are just as many questions.  “Do… Continue Reading Nervous Energy

Budget Update

by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright There are times during a person’s life when they may come into some unexpected money.  Maybe they had withheld too much on their income tax and received a refund.  Another possibility could be a lucky winner on a scratch-off lottery ticket.  Or, you could be the benefactor of an insurance policy. … Continue Reading Budget Update


by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright Again this year, we were very happy to see many people honoring our graduates in unique and special ways. It truly was a community celebration! We are so proud of all of the Class of 2021 and wish them nothing but the best in their futures. Once a Pointer, always a… Continue Reading Stronger

Lessons Learned

by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright As we draw near the end of another school year, we can look back on where we started and be proud of how far we have come.  There were lessons learned inside the classroom, online, and lessons that have long-lasting implications.  Every parent wants “it” to be better for their children. … Continue Reading Lessons Learned

Change is Constant

by Mitch Wainwright One of the most constant things that happens in the world is change.  As a former history teacher, I taught about what happened in the past and how it affects our current situation and possible future.  It was easy to look back at an event 50, 100, or 200 years ago and… Continue Reading Change is Constant


by Mitch Wainwright If you type in the Google search bar, “What does it mean to be resilient?” you get the following definition:  “Psychologists define resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress.” We have been able to watch resilience unfold right before… Continue Reading Resilience


by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright I have had the good fortune to be able to work with young people for a long time.  Watching students grow and gain confidence in the classroom as they master a new subject is a very rewarding experience.  I have also had the opportunity to coach many of the same students… Continue Reading Teamwork

Second Semester Underway

by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright The second semester is underway as we return to school after Winter Break.  It is hard to believe we have been through half of the school year.  Construction progress has continued at the elementary building.  The new addition is closed in, and dry, while the construction workers begin putting in some… Continue Reading Second Semester Underway

Sense of Excitement

by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright If you take a ride through town right now, you will see many homes have been decorated for the upcoming holiday season.  The recent warm weather has made it easy for families to get outside.  In your travels, I hope you have had a chance to drive past the elementary school. … Continue Reading Sense of Excitement