What a Difference a Year Makes

by Mitch Wainwright What a difference a year makes.  It feels like my first years of teaching when we started school in August.  The other issue that reminds me of those early days in my career – it was always extremely hot and humid.  Mother Nature has once again let us know she is in… Continue Reading What a Difference a Year Makes

We Will All Make It Together

by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright Hopefully, in the very near future, we can all look back and say we made it through the Coronavirus.  I would like to say the level of disruption to every person’s life is unimaginable.  Unfortunately, we do not have to imagine; we have been living it.  What appears to be our… Continue Reading We Will All Make It Together

More Than Words

  “Diversity and Inclusion” and “eMPathy” should be more than just words printed on shirts worn in the Mineral Point Unified District. We sincerely hope these are values we instill in our students and staff as we work tirelessly towards our mission statement that includes “educating and inspiring our students for a bright future in… Continue Reading More Than Words

Keep Moving Forward

By Mitch Wainwright Even during the most trying times, we keep moving forward.  We look at what we can control, and how to continue to do the best we can given the circumstances.  No one could have ever imagined that we would have ended our school year the way we did.  We closed the school… Continue Reading Keep Moving Forward

Moving Target

by Mitch Wainwright During the course of my professional career, I have had the opportunity to work for some very influential leaders.  Many of them have helped to shape the professional that I feel I am today.  One of the common topics they all mentioned over the years was, “If you show me the target,… Continue Reading Moving Target

Start Slow

By Superintendent Mitch Wainwright Who could have ever imagined that we would find ourselves in this situation?  Schools are shut down by the state and people are asked to stay at home for safety reasons. School staff continuing to educating students virtually to the best of our ability is just unthinkable, but here we are. … Continue Reading Start Slow

More About Fund 46

by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright School districts use multiple funding accounts to operate throughout the school year.  Some accounts, like Fund 10, are for the general education services provided to teach our students.  Other accounts, like Fund 27, are specific for special education programs and support. Still, other accounts cover athletics and co-curricular activities, food service,… Continue Reading More About Fund 46

Fund 46 for Capital Maintenance

by Mitch Wainwright Much like your own finances, schools have specific accounts where they receive money and spend money.  At home, the first of the month might be your mortgage payment and electric bill. In the middle of the month, you may pay for your vehicle and cable bill.  The point is, you have money… Continue Reading Fund 46 for Capital Maintenance

Safety: A Constant Topic

by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright With the recent school safety issues happening here in Wisconsin, we all take a step back and reevaluate how our own school compares to those that have been affected by the tragic events.  This is especially true as we are designing a new addition and remodeling project at the elementary school.… Continue Reading Safety: A Constant Topic

Sense of Family

by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright There are two things that come to mind as I begin to write this article.  The first is the release of our state report card. Mineral Point Unified School District has earned the rating of “Significantly Exceeds State Expectations” for the fourth year in a row.  The students and staff have… Continue Reading Sense of Family