by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright

Now that we are in the final month of the current school year, we can look back at all of the accomplishments our students took part in.  Mineral Point students have been involved in musicals and plays, they have competed at the state and national levels, and many have played instruments, spoken in Forensics, or wrestled their way to state championships.  We have had students play with state honors bands, and met with our local representatives in the state capitol.  They have accomplished these things, and so many more, all while learning took place in the classrooms.  As a school district and community, we have a lot to be proud of.

With all of the support of community members, our students have opportunities to explore many possible career choices.  They have been part of Youth Apprenticeships that have direct connections to jobs in the trades.  They have been on trips to area businesses, such as Vortex and Epic Systems, to explore the types of jobs these companies offer.  They have had guest speakers meet with groups of students to explain the benefits of their industries.  We try to keep many doors open for all of our students.

Take time, as we near the end of the school year, to reflect on all of the positive accomplishments that have taken place in the elementary, middle, and high school buildings this year.  We are always thankful for the high level of support we receive from our district residents.  Our hope is that you feel equally proud of all of our students, too!  It is always great to be part of #PointerNation.