The Mineral Point Alternative Program began its first year in 2016-17 and transitioned to the name Options in Education for the 2017-18 school year.

Under the direction of teacher/coordinator Amanda Heisner, the program operates in rural Mineral Point. Heisner is assisted by Renee Douglas.

The program is designed for students in southwest Wisconsin who, for whatever reason, are not finding optimal success in a traditional student classroom. Options in Education offers greater flexibility to meet student needs. Students can earn credits in a variety of ways, at their own pace, including community-based learning and work experience. Many of the barriers to success such as traditional school schedules and course sequences can be individualized and tailored to meet student needs.  

While operated under the umbrella of the Mineral Point Unified School District, students earn diplomas from their home high schools using those schools’ graduation requirements.

Options in Education, previously titled the Renaissance School, was formerly operated by CESA #3. Throughout its 10 years it has helped many students successfully complete graduation requirements through highly personalized educational plans. Options in Education looks forward to continuing the focus on individual student success while expanding curricular and post-secondary transition opportunities for students in our program.

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