Tips For Success

Please help your child make the most of this school year. Research shows that children who are in school most of the time perform better on state tests. Studies also show that kids who are absent more often score lower on state tests. Students can copy notes or make up assignments, but they can never get back what is most important—the teachers’ explanations, the discussions, the questions, and the thinking that brings learning to life.

Student Absences

If your child will miss school, parents/guardians must notify the office staff of their child’s absence. Please call the appropriate attendance line by 9 a.m. to report your child’s absence. Please do not e-mail your attendance to teachers or office staff.

Elementary Attendance Line – 608-987-0717
Middle School Attendance Line – 608-987-0727
High School Attendance Line – 608-987-0737

If you are requesting homework, please indicate that at the time of your call. Homework is available for pick-up in the main office.

For a pre-arranged absence, please send a note in with your student to take to their teacher/main office. You may also request to get their homework for the time missed.

You can support and promote positive attendance by:

  • Talking with your child about the importance of attending school regularly
  • Avoid scheduling family trips or appointments during school hours whenever possible
  • Making sure your child stays healthy by eating nutritious food and getting enough sleep and exercise
  • Not accepting excuses for why your child “must” miss or be late for school

Your child’s success in school depends on a solid, consistent education—one that can only be acquired through regular school attendance. Thank you for your efforts to support your child and a productive learning environment!