Children need healthy meals to learn. Mineral Point Unified School District offers healthy meals every school day. Please apply for Free or Reduced meals to help ensure all children are at their best each day. Please note that acceptance into the free and reduced program only covers regular breakfast and lunch — it does not apply to elementary school milk break and middle/high school ala carte items, so you would still be charged for these. You can contact the school and have the ability to purchase ala carte items blocked from your child’s account.

Those that qualify for free and reduced should not receive phone calls for low balance meal accounts, unless it pertains to milk break or ala carte items. Please contact the business office if you believe you are receiving calls in error or would like more information on why you are receiving calls.

If you have any questions filling out the application, please reach out to the business office at 608-987-0742. If you do not have access to a printer, forms are available to be filled out in the business office located in the middle/high school at 705 Ross Street. A new form must be filled out each school year. Thank you.

Free & Reduced Applications (English and Spanish):

Instructions & How to Apply (English and Spanish):