Bus riding is considered a privilege and an extension of the school day. Inappropriate behavior on a school bus can be potentially dangerous, and must be dealt with in a consistent manner on a timely basis.

  • First Offense  Written warning to student with a copy of the warning and bus rules sent to parent/guardian. Principal or designee will speak with your student.
  • Second Offense – Principal or designee will call parents/guardians. Student will have consequences in school which may include detention and/or community service.
  • Third Offense – Principal or designee will inform parent of 3-day bus suspension. Parents and child must sign and return the suspension form indicating that they have read and understand the bus rules before resuming bus riding privileges.
  • Fourth Offense – One week bus riding suspension with a mandatory student-parent/guardian-administration conference.
  • Fifth Offense – Bus riding suspension for the remainder of the semester with a mandatory student-parent/guardian administration conference.