by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright

“When do we start building?”  I think I have been asked that question a hundred times.  The dust has settled and the smoke has cleared now that the April referendum question has been decided.  So, what happens next? As was mentioned during all the meetings this spring, we will work with the new architectural firm, HSR, and focus on the addition and remodel project at the current elementary site.

What does that work look like?  Since the vote, there have been two meetings with HSR and the school district.  In these two meetings, a plan on how to best proceed was discussed with board members, school district representatives, and HSR.  Once a timeline for designing, bidding, and building is established, HSR will work with elementary staff members to gather as much input as possible.  Then, meetings open to the public will be held in an attempt to make this a project that will make all Pointers proud.

Throughout all of the conversations we have had, the foundation has been one of the biggest areas of concern.  The plan is to get an accurate understanding of what is causing the problem under the building and what is the best way to fix it.  I believe everyone will breathe a little easier once we know exactly what we are dealing with under the building and the cost associated with fixing the problem.  As soon as possible, HSR will have work done on the foundation and do what are called boring tests. These tests will help determine the condition of the ground and how it will support the new addition.  

Please be patient as we work through this process.  We want to make this the best possible project we can and be responsible to the taxpayers.  The amount of money is limited by the referendum language, so no matter what, the total project costs may not exceed $11.92 million dollars.    

We look forward to keeping you updated along the way.