by Mitch Wainwright

Every property owner will receive a property tax bill in the mail and will look at the increase in their payment from one year to the next.  This will be the same for me when my property tax bill comes in the mail. I would like to ask that you look a little closer at the bill when it comes.  Each bill is made up of multiple areas that impact how much or how little your bill changes.

This year, there will be an increase attached to the school district.  When we held referendum meetings last year, we were looking at a mill rate increase of $2.52 per $1000 value in your home.  On a home valued at $100,000, that would mean an increase of $252 in taxes just for the school district. This money covers the building referendum and the operating referendum.  I am happy to report that because of lower interest rates and increased property values, the mill rate will only increase by $0.67 per $1000. On a home valued at $100,000, it will only increase by $67.  While it is still an increase, it is a much smaller one than originally anticipated.

The other reason to look closely at your tax bill is that there are three other entities that also rely on this tax to cover operational costs.  The county you live in, Southwest Technical College, and the city or township you live in all rely on property taxes to provide you services. The school will continue to work hard at providing a top-level education while being responsible to you as taxpayers.  

Mineral Point has been a 5-star school district based on the state report card for the last three years.  The dedicated staff that works with your children provide the care and guidance that help them reach their full potential.  Every person that works for the district is responsible for providing that support. The classroom teacher, the instructional support staff, the assistants and maintenance staff all play a role in providing a safe, clean, caring learning environment that promotes success for every student.  This is what helps separate Mineral Point from other schools. It is the Pointer way!