The Mineral Point High School Wrestling Team held its annual awards banquet Sunday, April 15 at Dodge-Point Country Club.

Wrestlers earning awards were, left to right:

  • Riley Workman – Captain, Most Valuable, Most Wins (38), Most Takedowns (67), Most Pins (23)
  • Danny Pittz – Captain, Most Dedicated
  • Logan Schmitz – Most Near Falls (35), Most Escapes (23)
  • Kyle Vondra – Most Improved
  • Mitchell Schaaf – Most Reversals (18)

Cheerleaders earning awards were, left to right:

  • Simone Fitzsimons – Most Enthusiastic
  • Paige Goodweiler – Captain, Best Leadership, Best Teamwork/mate
  • Sierra Evans – Most Dedicated
  • Josie Lindholm – Captain, Best All-Around

Trapper Nafzger, 8th Grader, earned the Scott Graber Award.

(Thank you to Tori Carey for the photos.)