March School Board Meeting

During Monday night’s School Board meeting, the item that took a great deal of time surrounded the proposed compensation schedule for 2016-17 for staff, much of which ended up being tabled until April. Video from the meeting can be obtained here (please keep scrolling under the video for more article text): Exempt Staff With Individual… Continue Reading March School Board Meeting

February School Board 2/8

The Mineral Point School Board conducted a rather unique meeting Monday night in the sense that, other than some straight forward business items, there were no action items on the agenda. Rather the meeting was filled with items for information and discussion. Video of the meeting can be viewed here (continue scrolling past the video… Continue Reading February School Board 2/8

January School Board 1/11

The item that drew most people to the Mineral Point School Board meeting Monday night to share their thoughts centered around the drafting of a resolution to advocate for the allowance of an authorized person other than an on-duty or off-duty officer to legally carry a concealed weapon on school grounds. Video of the meeting… Continue Reading January School Board 1/11

School Board candidate field set

The field is set for the April 5 Mineral Point School Board election as the deadline to file for candidacy was Tuesday, January 5 at 5 pm.

Feedback sought on resolution

The Board of Education recently passed a motion 4-3 to draft a resolution to send to lawmakers to exempt Mineral Point Schools from the possession of a firearm in a school zone or modify the law to allow a physically and mentally fit and trained designee identified by the Superintendent of Schools and approved by… Continue Reading Feedback sought on resolution

Special School Board meeting 12/21

The Mineral Point School Board held a special meeting Monday morning to address one agenda item, a proposed trip to Mexico by Spanish teacher Jennifer Wahlin. Video of the meeting can be obtained here: Absent from the meeting were Jeff Basting, Glenn Kinch, and Matt Lindsey. The proposal passed 4-0 with Lisa Hay, Larry… Continue Reading Special School Board meeting 12/21

December School Board Meeting

PLEASE NOTE: While reading the article below and the discussion surrounding firearms in school/on school grounds, the majority vote of the board to draft a resolution in support does nothing at this time to state law that is currently in effect. No firearms are allowed on/in school property, or within 1000 feet of, as per… Continue Reading December School Board Meeting

School Board Election Info

It’s time to be thinking of school board candidates. The election will be held Tuesday, April 5, 2016. The term of office for these school board members is three years beginning Monday, April 25, 2016. Incumbents whose seats are up for re-election include Matt Lindsey and Larry Steffes. Steffes has said he will run for… Continue Reading School Board Election Info

October School Board Meeting

The Mineral Point School Board met for three hours Monday night dealing with mostly items for information and discussion. Video of the meeting can be obtained here: The evening began with a formal recognition of Cummins Emission Solutions. The school board recently nominated them for the Wisconsin Association of School Board’s Business Honor Roll and… Continue Reading October School Board Meeting