The Mineral Point School Board held another lengthy meeting Monday night to discuss school fall re-opening plans. 

Survey results from families and staff were shared and discussed. Those can be viewed here:

Family Surveys:

Staff Surveys:

After much discussion, Board Member Gary Sullivan made a motion for school to resume in the fall with four days of in-person instruction and one day of virtual learning. That motion failed 5-2 with Sullivan and Larry Steffes voting in favor and Andy Busch, Aaron Dunn, Joni Heisner, Everett Lindsey, and Nate Chambers voting against.

Following, a motion was made to start the school year under the hybrid model of some in-person and some virtual learning (note the model might not be exactly the same as what is outlined in the Back to School Blueprint.) Also added to the motion was the Board would continue the face covering discussion, and to re-evaluate the learning model frequently, based on current COVID-19 data and how well students and staff are doing under the hybrid model. Additionally, any family desiring an all-virtual model will have that option as well. This motion passed 5-2 with Busch, Dunn, Heisner, Lindsey, and Chambers voting in favor and Steffes and Sullivan voting against. (Go to the two minute, 30 second mark for the start of the discussion)

Video link:

The Back to School Blueprint, in its current form with tweaks likely forthcoming, can be viewed here:

Other business:

— The Board heard an update from Eric Portz with Kraemer Brothers regarding the elementary construction project. If you haven’t viewed the latest update, check it out here:

(This begins the meeting video)

— Given the end of year surplus, the District recommended committing a budget surplus to Fund 46 (Capital Maintenance Fund) and the remaining balance to Fund Balance. The Board unanimously approved a transfer of $240,000 to Fund 46.  The Fund Balance amount will depend on any additional charges to the 2019-20 fiscal year.  The District will have a better idea of what that number is when the audit is completed in full. (Go to the one hour 55 minute

— The next regularly scheduled meeting is Monday, August 10 at 6:30 pm.