The Dodge-Point Girls Soccer Team held its annual awards banquet at Dodge-Point Country Club Sunday, June 10.

Team award winners were as follows:

MVP: Kristen Palmer

Most Improved: Jenna Niemeier

Spirit Award: Katie Wilson


In addition, 13 Dodge-Point players were honored at the SWC All-Conference listed below. Congrats on another great season!




Megan Berg, Defender, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Junior

Hayley Elsner, Forward, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Senior

Makayna Lemanski, Midfielder, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Senior

Kristen Palmer, Defender, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Junior

Avery Peterson, Midfielder, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Junior

Rachael Bailie, Defender, Platteville/Lancaster Senior

Sierra Hooper, Forward, Platteville/Lancaster Junior

Lydia Murphy, Midfielder, Platteville/Lancaster Junior

Tina Muzinga, Forward, Platteville/Lancaster Freshman

Tajah Eades, Goalie, Prairie du Chien Senior

Caitlin Nolan, Defender, Prairie du Chien Junior

Brytta Sagedahl, Midfielder, Prairie du Chien Junior

Caitlin Olson, Defender, Richland Center Junior


PLAYER OF THE YEAR – Lydia Murphy, Platteville/Lancaster



Maddie Faull, Defender, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Junior

Savannah Jones, Forward, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Junior

Katie Wilson, Forward, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Junior

Courtney Budden, Midfielder, Platteville/Lancaster Sophomore

Sami Knockel, Goalie, Platteville/Lancaster Senior

Jaelyn White, Midfielder, Platteville/Lancaster Sophomore

Abby Whitford, Defender, Platteville/Lancaster Junior

Riley Hubanks, Defender, Prairie du Chien Freshman

Madalyn Roche, Defender, Prairie du Chien Sophomore

Gabby Toberman, Midfielder, Prairie du Chien Sophomore

Makayla Boyarski, Midfielder, Richland Center

Ciara Correia, Midfielder, River Valley Senior

Kourtney Higgins, Forward, River Valley Senior

Tasha Limmex, Defender, River Valley Sophomore



Mazie Baldus, Forward, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Senior

Samara Breuer, Midfielder, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Junior

Nikki Erdman, Defender, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Senior

Riese Federman, Midfielder, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Junior

Alexis Sommerfeld, Goalie, Dodgeville/Mineral Point Sophomore

Briannon Richards, Defender, Platteville/Lancaster Freshman

Aubrey Swenson, Defender, Platteville/Lancaster Sophomore

Alexis Thompson, Forward, Platteville/Lancaster Sophomore

Jade Afroukh, Forward, Prairie du Chien Senior

Mackenzie Pettit, Forward, Prairie du Chien Sophomore

Marybell Rodriguez, Goalie, Richland Center Junior

Mary Sargent, Defender, Richland Center Junior

Anna Deibert, Midfielder, River Valley Freshman

Lydia Jensen, Midfielder, River Valley Sophomore