Elizabeth Moellers


Tommie Loken


Taylor Robinson


Scott Pittz


Morgan Fitzsimmons

On January 27 the Mineral Point FFA attended the District 12 FFA Speaking Contest at Argyle High School. There were 16 participants from Mineral Point competing against FFA members from seven other schools

The 8th grade quiz bowlers that competed were Team B: Sara Heisner, Morgan Vondra and Payton Lawinger. Team A: Owen Stephenson, Larry Steffes, Blake Wendhausen and Wyatt Evans. Team A placed 3rd and Team B did not place. In this contest 8th grade FFA members compete against teams from other schools to answer questions about FFA facts. It is the first speaking competition open to them in their FFA career.

Danny Pittz placed 3rd and McKenna Reichling placed 4th in the FFA Creed Speaking contest. The Creed Contest involves reciting the FFA Creed from memory and answering a series of questions about the Creed.

In Extemporaneous Speaking Scott Pittz placed 1st and Elizabeth Moellers placed 2nd. Both will be moving on to the sectional contest. The Extemporaneous contest consists of a student drawing an Agricultural related topic and preparing a five minute speech on that topic.

The Job Interview contest had Taylor Robinson placing 2nd and Morgan Fitzsimmons placing 5th. Taylor will be moving on to the sectional contest. The Job Interview Contest is a very practical contest that has the FFA member interview for an agricultural related job.

The Discussion Meet contest had Morgan Fitzsimmons placing 1st and moving on to the sectional contest. Jake Steffes placed 5th. In Discussion Meet the FFA members are gathered at a table and discuss solutions to an agricultural issue.

In the Prepared Speaking contest Tommie Loken placed 1st and qualified for sectionals. Katie Fitzsimmons placed 4th. In the Prepared contest FFA members memorize an Agricultural related speech and present it to a panel of judges.

Mineral Point FFA was represented very well at the contest and did and outstanding job. Congratulations. The Sectional FFA speaking contest will be held on March 17th at River Ridge School.