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Delta Kappa Gamma Entries Advance to State

The annual Delta Kappa Gamma literary competition once again features State qualifiers from Mineral Point Elementary. Gavin Houtakker’s 4th Grade entry received 1st place in Illustrations and 2nd place in Literary. Regan Schuette’s 5th Grade entry received a tie for 1st place in Literary and Illustrations. This duo will be honored by the Mu Chapter … Read More

Students Write to Ruby Bridges

Mrs. Lifka Bennett’s 5th graders have just completed an in-depth study of Ruby Bridges as part of the Civil Rights Unit and Black History Month.  Mrs. Bennett was able to locate her mailing address (she lives in New Orleans) and her students wrote personal letters to her. Ruby Nell Bridges Hall (born September 8, 1954) is an American … Read More

Delta Kappa Gamma Literary Contest Underway

Mineral Point Elementary School is proud to share that we have authors and illustrators who have been very busy completing entries for the annual Delta Kappa Gamma literary competition. Students in grades 3-12 are eligible to enter the book writing contest. All books are being submitted to the local Delta Kappa Gamma chapter for preliminary … Read More

Dunn Wins Elementary Spelling Bee

Mineral Point Elementary School held its annual Spelling Bee for Grades 3-5 Monday, January 30. The winner was 5th grader Libby Dunn with runner-up 4th grader Matthew Goninen. Elizabeth will advance to the Regional Bee in Darlington. Other participants included: 3rd grade: Brett Bossert, Gage Federman, Ethan Ferrell, Aly Jones, Cooper Thompson. 4th grade: Anthony Luu, … Read More

Wesley Wins State Literary Award

The book 5th grader Brianna Wesley submitted to the 2016 Delta Kappa Gamma Sigma State Mary Jo Nettesheim Memorial Literary Competition was selected by the local Delta Kappa Gamma chapter to be entered at the state level of this competition. At the Sigma State level, her book was selected to receive the Cartoon Illustration Award. The book … Read More

Delta Kappa Gamma winners

Another strength of Mineral Point students is a consistently strong showing in the Delta Kappa Gamma Literary Competition and this year was no exception. At the middle school level, 7th grader Rita Wilson won first place in Illustrations for her entry “Shine” while 6th grader Bryce Acherman also won first place in Illustrations for his … Read More

Elementary Spelling Bee

Earlier this week, Mineral Point Elementary hosted its annual spelling bee for students in grades 1-5.  The experience of a spelling bee provides each child with the opportunity to improve her/his spelling, increase his/her vocabulary and develop the correct usage of the English language.   Each classroom completed a written spelling bee on Monday, January 25 … Read More

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