Business Services

The budget represents the financial plan to achieve the educational objectives of the school district. Development of the school district budget begins with a review of current year programs and services, analysis of student enrollment/ demographics, consideration of community expectations, and review of major factors that impact the budget (i.e. revenue limit & state equalization… Continue Reading Business Services

Mineral Point School Garden

The Mineral Point School Garden is a culmination of planning, organization, and implementation by key community stakeholders that have an interest in healthy choices for kids coupled with learning and education around building and maintaining a garden. Commencing in 2013, community member Ryan Fox designed and implemented the tiered garden concept.  Ryan was assisted by… Continue Reading Mineral Point School Garden

About Our District

One of the very first schools in the State, and the first in Iowa County, Mrs. Harker began teaching at Mineral Point in 1829. When Mineral Point was incorporated in 1837, the school became, to a considerable extent, the protege of the village government, creating Mineral Point to be considered arguably the first public school… Continue Reading About Our District

About Our Schools

Mineral Point Schools are an important part of our community. From early childhood education to high school graduation, we pride ourselves on excellent opportunities for academic, fine arts and athletic achievement. The Mineral Point Unified School District encompasses all the City of Mineral Point, parts of the Iowa County towns of Mineral Point, Linden. Mifflin… Continue Reading About Our Schools