Classroom Management for Pre-K

Our classroom management method focuses on helping children redirect themselves in a positive way by making appropriate choices. Children are given chances to modify poor choices, such as interrupting a friend or hurting someone else’s feelings. If the child does not change his/her inappropriate behavior they are moved to the next level of our “Stoplight… Continue Reading Classroom Management for Pre-K

Preschool School Supply List

3 large glue sticks (Elmer’s washable purple works best) 1 large bottle of glue 2 boxes of crayons (24 pack, regular size) 1 set Crayola Classic Colors Markers (fine tip) 1 set watercolor paints 1 box tissue 4 Dry Erase Markers (large size) 1 Plastic BLUE folder 1 package napkins 1 container disinfecting wipes (Clorox,… Continue Reading Preschool School Supply List

Wish List

The following items are things that we would love to have for our classroom. However, they are “wishes,” not necessities – please only donate them if you would like to. Thanks! Ziploc Bags – large and small Wax paper Tin foil Small paper plates

Preschool Curriculum

In preschool we use the Building Language for Literacy curriculum. This program develops oral language and early literacy skills. By using Building Language for Literacy, we help to prepare children for reading success using high-quality literature, songs and poems, rich vocabulary, and language-loving characters. We also foster the children’s awareness in other domains such as… Continue Reading Preschool Curriculum

Welcome to Kindergarten

Teaching Kindergarten is wonderful because the kids come to us eager to learn and excited about school.  They learn and grow very rapidly at this age and make us smile with their energy and excitement! We believe in teaching the whole child, socially, emotionally, and academically, using developmentally appropriate techniques which promote positive, independent learners… Continue Reading Welcome to Kindergarten

Welcome to Fifth Grade

Fifth graders are wonderful because they are curious and interested in learning, and they are beginning to become independent. We take into account the individuality of all students. The students have diverse needs and we try to accommodate each one to be as successful as possible. We strive to have the students make life connections… Continue Reading Welcome to Fifth Grade

Elementary School Art

MS Language Arts

MS Math

MS Social Studies