Third in the 2017-18 New Staff series


Brittany Roscovius

High School English Teacher


Hometown: Pickett

High school graduated from: Oshkosh North

College: Brittany earned her Bachelors of Science in English Education with a minor in History from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, as well as her Masters of Education in Professional Development, also from UW-La Crosse.

Previous employment: Prior to Mineral Point, she was employed by the Adams-Friendship School District as a High School English Teacher.

Hobbies/Free time interests: I enjoy reading, traveling, and cooking when I have free time.

What attracted you to apply at MP Schools? This area of the state is so beautiful. I also feel like Mineral Point High School is doing some great things and I am excited to be a part of this district.

Quotable: “My educational philosophy is that all students can achieve whatever task is at hand,” she says. “An educator’s job is to make sure that they are differentiating and making accommodations as needed to help all of their students achieve. It is also important that an educator stay up to date on trends in education and studies being conducted regarding student success. One way that I stay engaged is by reading educational journals. An educator must also continually reflect upon their teaching practices and continually collaborate with their colleagues. I make sure to keep in close contact with case managers for students with IEPs and I work closely with my co-teacher(s) to ensure student success. In addition, educators need to involve parents as much as possible in the classroom. I make phone calls often, but also send mass emails to parents when big assignments are coming up for my students. Communication is important, and parents are almost always supportive when they are kept up to date. It is best practice to avoid surprises with parents when it comes to grades and with behavior situations, too.”

“I want to prepare my students to perform in any venue once they leave the building, whether it be in the workforce, college, the military, or some other avenue.”

“Seeing students achieve in both small and big ways provides me with the most joy. For some students, scoring well on a quiz is a huge achievement while for others it’s how they perform on a standardized test or their acceptance into college. I have had students share their accomplishments with me in each of these scenarios, and in many others, and it is wonderful to share in their success with them.”

“Ultimately, I want all students to meet the target, but I also want all students to experience success so that they persevere in English class and in other aspects of their school and home life.”