The Mineral Point Kiwanis Club honored its April Students of the Month at its meeting Tuesday, April 2.

The students, who are members of the Senior class, are selected for this honor through a voting process by staff at the high school, and their biographies are written by themselves.

Morgan Lee

Morgan is the youngest child of Skip and Brenda Lee. She was born in Dodgeville in 2005. Morgan has one older brother, Grant, who is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. 

Morgan grew up just outside of town and has been attending Mineral Point since preschool. She is a current member of Skills USA and Future Business Leaders of America and was selected as a member of the National Honor Society. This will be her second year as a member. She also has been involved in Forensics since she was a Freshman and was named a captain this year. 

Other extracurricular activities that Morgan is involved in include playing volleyball and basketball. Morgan helped lead her team to a regional volleyball championship, which had not been accomplished since 1998. Also, she earned her team the title of undefeated conference champions. She also was an asset to her basketball team. 

After high school, Morgan plans on going to college at Chippewa Valley Technical College. She will be pursuing a Physical Therapist Assistant degree. She is excited to start a new chapter in her life, and she wishes to keep everyone happy and healthy. 

Morgan would like to congratulate her fellow classmate, Landon Thousand, on being named Student of the Month. She would like to thank her teachers for pushing her to be the best student she could be and always willing to help her when she needed it, and her coaches for encouraging her to reach her full potential as an athlete. Also, she would like to acknowledge her parents for the endless support they have given her throughout the years. She is genuinely grateful to have such selfless parents. Finally, Morgan would like to thank the Kiwanis for this luncheon and the hard work they do in our community. 

“Morgan Lee is a hard working, determined young woman. I have enjoyed getting to know her through coaching and am so proud of how far she’s come.” ~ Mrs. Amanda Ingwell, Elementary Instructional Assistant

“Morgan Lee is a sweet, kind young lady whose shy smile brightens up a room. From Kindergarten on, it’s been a joy watching her turn into the young lady she is today. Whether she is on the sports field, creating artwork, or academically challenging herself, her determination shines through. Congratulations, Morgan, on becoming April’s Student of the Month! Best Wishes on your future career goals!” ~ Mrs. Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“‘I just like to smile…smiling’s my favorite,’ Elf.  I don’t know if that is Morgan’s favorite Christmas movie, but that quote sure goes with her personality! Morgan is such a positive role model.  She has a strong work ethic, and one of the most coachable kids I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  She is always listening intently and gives good eye contact and positive body language, which is extremely important in sports and life.  She is also very inclusive and wants everyone to feel important in their role. She will do great in whatever career she chooses because of these soft skills that are so important and employable.  Morgan, I am so proud of you and it has been an honor to be your coach.  Congratulations on this honor!  You deserve it!” ~ Mrs. Kari Kabat, Middle School Math Teacher and Head Volleyball Coach

“Morgan Lee is kind, funny, and driven. She has been a joy to work with as she plans for her future. Her intellect and wit, as well as strong problem solving skills are some of her best qualities. She has been active in her school and community, showcasing her selflessness, leadership skills, and propensity to serve others. Her character alone will make her a wonderful future Physical Therapist Assistant and her knowledge will help get her to that goal. Best of luck in the future, Morgan; I will miss seeing you each day!” ~ Mrs. Erika Brunson, Middle/High School Counselor

“Congratulations on your selection as the Student of the Month for April.  Morgan is a wonderful example for underclassmen to look up to as she is kind, motivated, and always focused on the bigger picture.  Thank you for always being willing to lend a helping hand and making a positive impact on others.  As she completes her Senior year and continues to write her story, I am excited to see her dreams become a reality.  Best wishes as you work towards your goals and I am sure you will accomplish amazing things.” ~ Mr. Matt Austin, High School Principal

“Morgan, it has been such a pleasure working with you in Forensics over the last few years. You show great leadership and commitment in all you do, and I am really going to miss you next year. I wish you the best of luck as you pursue your dreams. I know you will make each place you go brighter and better. Best wishes.” ~ Mrs. Kris McCoy, Middle/High School Librarian

“Joyce Meyer once noted, ‘A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.’ One thing Morgan Lee has always maintained is a positive attitude. I have enjoyed seeing this in the classroom, on the court, and on the forensics stage. She has a gift for making others believe anything is possible! Thank you for sharing your positive light with me. I am so excited to see your future unfold! I will always be here when you need me! XOXO” ~ Mrs. Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

Landon Thousand

Landon is the second oldest child of Mike and Stacey Thousand. Landon is one of five kids. He has four sisters. His oldest sister, Halayna, is an MPHS alum, two of his younger siblings, Lila and Roni, attend Mineral Point High School, and his youngest sister, Collins, is in elementary school.

Landon grew up in the country and has attended Mineral Point Schools since preschool. Landon is a current member of Skills USA, Future Business Leaders of America, Forensics, and a Sources of Strength Peer Leader. In addition, he was also selected as a member of the National Honor Society; this will be his second year. In his Senior year, Landon was voted King Candidate for Homecoming.

Other extracurricular activities Landon participates in include Football, Basketball, and Baseball. As a Basketball team member, he was voted a two-year captain and helped lead his team to a State championship! In addition to this, he also earned the Co-Player of the Year award of the SWAL Conference. Landon was also voted as a team captain for the baseball team. As a captain, Landon leads his teammates. He acts as an example to follow by demonstrating hard work in practice every day and kindness to his peers.

Landon is still trying to figure out his plans after high school. He hopes to continue to play basketball at the next level. He plans to go to college and study business management. Landon is very excited and nervous about this new chapter in his life. 

Landon would like to congratulate his fellow classmate Morgan on being named Student of the Month. He would also like to thank his coaches for constantly pushing him to be the best version of himself. He would also like to thank his teachers for always being supportive throughout his high school career. Also, he would like to thank his parents for always supporting him throughout his life and helping him succeed in every journey he takes in life. He is so blessed to have parents who have endless support for him. Lastly, Landon would like to thank the Kiwanis for this luncheon and their fantastic work improving our community.

“Landon Thousand is such a fun kid to watch. He works hard and is such a great role model for his teammates and also for the youth in MP. His work ethic will take him far.” ~ Mrs. Amanda Ingwell, Elementary Instructional Assistant

“As a little red headed Kindergartner, Landon Thousand appeared at my classroom door years ago. He was a curious learner with a creative mind. Special traits I recall were the kindness he showed his peers and the love he shared with everyone. He was easy to love back because he wore his heart on his sleeve and shared his hugs freely. Today, it’s been a joy to watch him succeed and get all the accolades he has deserved on the basketball court and other sports. How exciting to be recognized academically, too! Landon, I am so happy you are enjoying all these high moments! I wish you all the best as you continue on to your future! Always keep that kind, caring, hardworking attitude and you’re sure to succeed in whatever you choose to do in the future! Best wishes and congratulations on becoming Student of the Month!” ~ Mrs. Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“Landon, I have so enjoyed getting to know you throughout the years and through the media program. Your kindness, energy, commitment to work, and sense of humor engage people, and these traits will take you far. One thing I have always admired about you is how you look people in the eye and greet them as you walk through the halls. This small thing can make such a difference in someone’s day. Thanks for being the person who helps make other people feel seen! Best of luck in all you do.” ~ Mrs. Kris McCoy, Middle/High School Librarian

“Landon Thousand is a hard working and bright student. He is charismatic and a leader in and out of school. Not only is Landon a great student athlete, he is an even better role model. When our students look at Landon, they can learn about work ethic, commitment, teamwork, and leadership. They get to see him each day on Wake Up Mineral Point and experience the positivity and light he brings to our school and community. Thank you, Landon, for making MPHS a great place to be! Enjoy the rest of your Senior year.” ~ Mrs. Erika Brunson, Middle/High School Counselor

“Landon, congrats on your selection as the Student of the Month for April.  Something that I will always remember about you is how you always have a smile on your face and a positive attitude.  I appreciate your willingness to help out and be a leader and mentor within our school for your peers and younger MP students and athletes.  I look forward to watching you take the next steps in your journey.  Your drive and enthusiasm are attributes that are going to help you be successful in any career path.  Best of luck with your future.” ~ Mr. Matt Austin, High School Principal

“Landon Thousand is the epitome of sweat, determination, and hard work. In the four years I have worked with Landon in the classroom, on the forensics team, and in Pointer Media, Landon has always been a ‘go-getter’ who gives 110%. This work ethic and his bigger-than-life personality pave the way for an incredible future. I can’t imagine next year without you in my programs, Landon, but I am so very excited to see where life takes you. Remember the little people in Staverland! You will always be one of my people, Sweet Boy! XOXO” ~ Mrs. Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

“Landon Thousand is a perfect example of what a student/athlete should be.  He not only excels in the classroom and on the court/playing field but he elevates the performance of others.  As a student, Landon is always engaged and asks questions not only for his benefit but for the benefit of others.  On the basketball court he is more concerned about the team than himself.  Every time he comes to the gym he brings other players with him, so not only is he getting better but others are getting better as well which leads to team success.  Landon has been a tremendous leader for his team and has been a great role model for younger Pointers.  I am sure after the state tournament there were many young players in Mineral Point out in their driveways or in the gym trying to be like Landon.  This year besides leading the Pointer Boys Basketball team to our first State title, Landon was named First Team All-State, along with being named to the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association Elite Academic All-State team.  This is the first time Mineral Point has had a basketball player for the boys be First Team All-State and Elite Academic All-State in the same year.  I feel very fortunate to say that I was Landon’s coach.” ~ Mr. Dan Burreson, High School Social Studies Teacher and Head Boys Basketball Coach

(Lee and Thousand photos by Lifka Bennett)