Mineral Point Middle and High School musicians participated in District Solo & Ensemble Saturday, March 9 at Darlington. 

We have 15 entries advancing to State!

State Solo & Ensemble will be held at UW-Platteville Saturday, April 27.

Congrats to all of our talented young people!


Starred First (Advances to State)

— Julianna Cool, Classical Vocal Solo

— Julianna Cool, Musical Theatre Solo

— Josie Dunn, Oboe Solo

— Libby Dunn, Classical Vocal Solo

— Libby Dunn, Flute Solo

— Libby Dunn, Piccolo Solo

— Gracelyn Foster, Flute Solo

— Anthony Luu, Musical Theatre Solo

— Lilly Murn, Classical Vocal Solo

— Morgan Palzkill, Clarinet Solo

— Elliott Webb, Tuba Solo

— Josie & Libby Dunn: Classical Vocal Duet

— Josie & Libby Dunn: Woodwind Duet

— Libby Dunn, Gracelyn Foster, Abby Webb: Flute Trio

— Woodwind Ensemble: Abby Backes, Evelyn Backes, Emilee Birchall, Julianna Cool, Josie Dunn, Libby Dunn, Treityn Garcia, Gracelyn Foster, Nolen Fox, Skye Halvorson, Cole Hentrich, Ella James, Logan Johnson, Anthony Luu, Lilly Murn, Morgan Palzkill, Brooke Paynter, Merisa Paynter, Leah Raab, Autumn Robb, Tyce Sylvester, Cooper Thompson, Aida Tuttle, Abby Webb, Ella Wilson.


— Addison Christopher, Classical Vocal Solo

— Emily Heisner, Musical Theatre Solo

— Lily Fox, Classical Vocal Solo

— Lily Fox, Musical Theatre Solo

— Lily Fox, Snare Drum Solo

— Nolen Fox, Alto Saxophone Solo

— Anthony Luu, Classical Vocal Solo

— Cooper McGuire, Musical Theatre Solo

— Taitin Riley, Musical Theatre Solo

— Abby Webb, Classical Vocal Solo

— Abby Webb, Flute Solo


— Caiden Garcia, Classical Vocal Solo

— Emily Heisner, Classical Vocal Solo

— Cooper McGuire, Classical Vocal Solo

— Finn Renwick, Trumpet Solo

— Taitin Riley, Classical Vocal Solo



— Emilee Birchall, Flute Solo

— Lily Fox, Piano Solo

— Logan Johnson, Alto Saxophone Solo

— Eli Klein, Trombone Solo

— Emme Oellerich, Classical Vocal Solo

— Merisa Paynter, Classical Vocal Solo

— Leah Raab, Classical Vocal Solo

— Autumn Robb, Flute Solo

— Madelyn Steffes, Trumpet Solo

— Aida Tuttle, Flute Solo

— Brass Ensemble: Shaine Bennett, Miley Coniber, Charlie DaVee, Nate Erickson, Ethan Ferrell,  Sage Hadtrath, Emily Heisner, Levi Hirsch, Eli Klein, Preston Lease, Cooper McGuire, Lucy Paynter, Finn Renwick, Faye Schuette, Regan Schuette, Madelyn Steffes, Alstan Van Overmeer, Elliott Webb, James Webb.

— Percussion Ensemble: Libby Dunn, Lily Fox, Violet Renwick, Ryan Schael, Tobin Shea, Jadyn Swinehart, Elliott Webb


— Eli Klein, Classical Vocal Solo

— Brooke Paynter, Flute Solo

— Jadyn Swinehart, Drumset Solo

— Emilee Birchall & Autumn Robb: Flute Duet

— Emme Oellerich & Beth Jewell: Classical Vocal Duet

— Keyara Collins, Beth Jewell, Suttyn Weinbrenner: Classical Vocal Trio



— Colette Dunn, Clarinet Solo

— ​​Wyatt Hamilton, Trombone Solo

— Emily Heisner, Euphonium Solo

— Lillian Heisner, Classical Vocal Solo

— Avalee Langreck, Piano Solo

— Avalee Langreck, Snare Drum Solo

— Avalee Langreck, Xylophone Solo

— Bella Basting & Sophia Erickson: Flute Duet

— Libby Dunn, Josie Dunn, Colette Dunn: Woodwind Trio

— Henry Chapman, Gabe Hook, Suttyn Weinbrenner: Percussion Trio


— Rachel Heisner, Classical Vocal Solo

— Beth Jewell, Classical Vocal Solo