The 2024 Mineral Point High School Forensics team traveled to the Subdistrict meet at Dodgeville Monday, February 12 to kick off the competition season.

Students needed to score a 16 (or better) out of 25 possible points in a minimum of two of the three rounds in order to advance to the District meet which will be held at Barneveld March 18.

The students, along with their categories, include:


  • Anthony Buleje Cadena
  • Derek Hottenstein
  • Bryce Vamstad


  • Maci Muchow
  • Regan Schuette
  • Jadyn Swinehart

Group Interp

  • Drew Aschliman, Malea Aschliman, Eli Lindsey, Laci Lindsey, Landon Thousand
  • Brett Bossert, Jacob Phillips, Atley Potterton, Alex Ross, Jaxson Wendhausen
  • Madisyn Heim, Morgan Lee, Sadie Miller, Sophie Miller, Roni Thousand


  • Kalea Biddick
  • Madelyn Steffes

Moments in History

  • Liz Hoffman
  • Eli Klein

Play Acting

  • Julianna Cool, Brooke Paynter, Finn Renwick, Taitin Riley
  • Libby Dunn, Ryley Reichling, Tobin Shea


  • Anthony Luu
  • Landyn Moellers
  • Faye Schuette


  • Lilli Berget
  • Josie Dunn
  • Ella James
  • Lila Thousand


  • Matthew Goninen