The Mineral Point Kiwanis Club honored its March Students of the Month at its meeting Tuesday, March 7.

The students, who are members of the Senior class, are selected for this honor through a voting process by staff at the high school, and their biographies are written by themselves.

Tyler Nordstrom

Tyler Nordstrom is the youngest son of Tom and Melissa Nordstrom. He has two older brothers, Daniel and Matthew. Tyler has been fortunate enough to attend Mineral Point Schools since he was four. Growing up, he was always passionate about learning. He has a particular interest in physics and math, so much so that he is looking to pursue a career in engineering. 

This interest also led him to participate in several extracurricular activities, such as Key Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Band, National Honor Society, and Math Team. He also proudly serves as a captain of the Forensics team. An accomplishment he is proud of is being awarded second place at the FBLA Regional Leadership Conference. He is also incredibly grateful to partake in Forensics during his first two years of high school with his older brothers, who he looks at as mentors. Among these accomplishments, he owns and operates a lawn mowing and landscaping business during the summer. 

Tyler enjoys being outside with his friends and staying fit when not in school or working. You can often find him hiking Governor Dodge State Park with his friends in the summer and skiing on the slopes in the winter. Tyler’s love for the outdoors is one of the driving factors behind him running a landscaping and lawn mowing business in the summer. Additionally, Tyler has been a Dodgeville Anytime Fitness branch member for years. He has found a passion for lifting weights and always looks forward to helping newcomers to the gym in any way he can. He enjoys being viewed as a positive resource that people can use when they need clarification or help knowing where to start in the gym. 

Tyler will either attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to study biomedical engineering. He hopes to positively contribute to the world of healthcare technology and continue using his curious mind. Tyler looks forward to participating in various clubs and extracurriculars offered by college. He is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to pursue higher education and further his passions. 

Tyler would like to thank his parents, family, and teachers for supporting him; they have been integral to his success. Tyler also wants to congratulate his friend Livie Poad for being named Student of the Month. Lastly, he wants to thank the Kiwanis Club for this luncheon and all they do for the community.

“I was doubly blessed to be Tyler’s teacher two times during elementary school. As a kindergartener, Tyler was funny, witty, and kind. He enjoyed playing with his friends and sharing all about his family. Fast forward to fifth grade and those qualities were positively magnified. Tyler was a delight. He worked hard, was a kind friend, and was always ready and willing to make you laugh. His joyful and outgoing personality is not one that is quickly forgotten. To this day, when I run into Tyler he always greets me with a smile. Tyler, I wish you the very best. Keep being you…keep working hard, smiling, and living each day to its fullest.” ~ Mrs. Laurie Heimsoth, 5th Grade Teacher

“Tyler Nordstrom is a kind individual with lots of potential.  I have always enjoyed his sweet smile and caring attitude. Whether Tyler is mowing lawns in the summer, helping his grandma, or just riding by, you can always count on a smile and a wave. It’s been a joy watching Tyler grow into the young man he is today. His musical talents have always been admired and he will carry them with him as he moves forward in the future.  Tyler, congratulations on being this month’s special student!  Best wishes for the future! Enjoy the rest of your Senior year!” ~ Mrs. Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“Tyler has been a tremendous asset to our high school band program.  He is constantly striving to be a better musician, as well as a role model for our group.  He pushes others to be at their best, and is always open to suggestions on how to become better himself.  Tyler’s personality is very admirable.  If a volunteer is needed, Tyler is always right there to help.  In a few weeks, I will be in Cornwall on a student trip, and Tyler will be taking care of my exotic animals at my house.  There are few people who I would trust to do this.  Tyler, you are a wonderful student and person, and I am proud of your accomplishments.” ~ Mr. Matt Nevers, Middle/High School Band Teacher

“I am very pleased to have gotten to know Tyler this year.  He is an all around upstanding young man with a maturity beyond his years.  He is kind, considerate, and a terrific role model for our youth.  I love his work ethic, dedication to serving others, and he is an exemplary student in the classroom.  He is dedicated to his studies with his strong GPA, dedicated in the gym (just look at him), and dedicated to his job.  He has run his own successful business before and after school for years. I couldn’t think of a better person to come into my daughter’s life.  Thanks for being amazing, Tyler!  Congratulations on all your accomplishments and on this well-deserved honor!” ~ Mrs. Kari Kabat, Middle School Math Teacher

“Congratulations on becoming Student of the Month.  You are such a kind young man and have always shown maturity beyond your years.  You should be so proud of the leader you have become, not only to my own little kiddos but to all of the community.  The memories of you carrying one of my kids on your shoulders while throwing water balloons will never be forgotten.  I hope you enjoy the last few months of high school and I can’t wait to see what your future holds.  Thanks for all the great memories.” ~ Mrs. Lesley Macaulay, Middle/High School Art Teacher

“If I were to describe Tyler, I would use the words helpful, persistent, leader, and sincere.  Over the past four years Tyler has grown into a great role model and a student who can be counted on.  Overall, Tyler is a great individual because he cares and is willing to put the hard work into any task he faces in order to succeed.  I know the future holds great things for you and wherever your path leads you.  Congratulations and best of luck.” ~ Mr. Matt Austin, High School Principal

“Entrepreneur, hard-working, and kind are adjectives I would use to describe Tyler Nordstrom.  I mean how many 17 year old students do you know that own their own business and a business that is quite lucrative at that!  It’s a pretty incredible accomplishment for someone so young. Tyler is also an outstanding student, taking our highest levels of science to prepare for his future career in biomedical engineering. Beyond his success as a student and business ventures, Tyler is simply kind.  He creates a culture of dignity and respect, including everyone and always willing to help out. I will miss you next year, Tyler, but are confident in your continued success.  Best of luck!” ~ Mrs. Erika Brunson, Middle/High School Counselor

Olivia Poad

Livie Poad is the youngest daughter of Tom and Gail Poad. She was born in Dodgeville in December 2004. She has two older sisters, Jordyn and Claire Poad. 

Livie started her educational career at Ms. Julie’s 3-year-old program. Since preschool, she has attended the Mineral Point Unified School District. Livie is involved in many clubs at Mineral Point High School. She is a current Future Business Leaders of America and Key Club officer and is involved in Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Cornwall Exchange, Drama Club, and Musical Theatre. She participates in volleyball, football and wrestling cheerleading, and track and field. 

Sports have been a huge part of Livie’s life ever since she was in elementary school. She has been swimming for Mineral Point since the summer of 2011, and now will be the head coach this year and still competing. Livie joined wrestling cheer her Junior year and also joined football cheer this last fall while managing her time with volleyball. Livie has played volleyball since 7th grade. Her greatest accomplishment is being named a captain for the 2022 season and being conference and regional champions this last year with her teammates. Livie is also a captain in track and field for the throwing team. Livie has done track and field since 6th grade, and quickly fell in love with throwing the discus. Her most significant memory is winning the middle school state championship in her 8th grade year in the discus. She was also honored as being named the most valuable thrower for the Dodge-Point team last year. 

In Livie’s free time, she enjoys volunteering, especially for NHS. Her favorite part of NHS is going to the elementary school and playing and eating with the kids. In the summer, Livie works with some of her classmates at the Mineral Point Public Pool as a lifeguard. She enjoys seeing the kids enjoy the place as much as she did when she was younger. 

After high school, Livie will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire to study Biology with an emphasis in Environmental Science and Ecology.

Livie would like to thank her parents and sisters for always pushing her to do her best and her teachers for giving her this honor today and helping her achieve her educational goals. She would like to extend special thank yous to Mr. Tom Steger for unlocking her passion for biology and ecology, Mrs. Kipalee Bakken for helping her with everything over her high school career, Mrs. Jenny Wahlin and Mr. Matt Nevers for their continuous support, and Mrs. Erika Brunson for opening doors for our Senior class that we never thought possible. She would also like to thank the Kiwanis for organizing this luncheon and for all their work in our community. Finally, Livie congratulates her friend and fellow Student of the Month, Tyler Nordstrom. 

“Olivia was a member of my kindergarten class. She was very conscientious and tried to do everything perfectly. She had many friends and made everyone feel welcome. She was sweet, kind, and helpful. Olivia was determined to do well and was willing to put in the time and effort needed to reach her goals. Olivia, keep working hard and following your dreams. You can do whatever you set your mind to.” ~ Mrs. Laurie Heimsoth, 5th Grade Teacher

“It’s hard to believe how fast time goes!  It seems like yesterday when Livie Poad came off the bus surrounded by friends to start kindergarten. Livie has always been everyone’s ‘little sister.’   Now, she’s a Senior making her own way! Wow!  Whether on the volleyball court or cheering for wrestling, Livie’s personality shines through. She’s tough and serious, but also enjoys having fun. You see her big smile and you know she’s ready for adventure and new experiences. This will serve her well as she heads out into the world!  Congratulations, Livie, on being the Student of the Month for March and best wishes in the future!” ~ Mrs. Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“Sadly, due to class conflicts, Livie has been an independent band student for her entire Senior year. I am glad that she stuck it out, because independent band is not fun! She comes in and practices her instrument every day for 20 minutes. When she is able to come to the full band class, she is very well prepared and knows what is expected of her. Livie is one of the six students that are headed to Cornwall with me in a week. Her attitude is so amazing. She is eager to learn about the new cultures, and has taken active roles in all of our study sessions. I am sure she will have a terrific time! Livie is also active in our musicals.  She has been a stage crewmember every year , and has turned into a very capable stagehand.  Our adult workers have really come to depend on her.  Upon graduation, Livie will really be missed in the music department.” ~ Mr. Matt Nevers, Middle/High School Band Teacher

“Livie is truly one of the kindest souls I have ever met.  I am truly honored to have been her coach the past couple of years.  Livie is a selfless player with the best possible attitude towards her teammates, coaches, and officials.  During the past couple of years, I have witnessed the kind of player all coaches want to have on their team.  Livie is the most coachable young lady I have ever had.  She listens with a purpose and will do everything in her power to do her very best at what you ask of her.  Although Livie did not always see court time, I added Livie as a program captain in her senior season because of all she did for her teammates.  She was the kind of ‘lead by example’ kid we needed and truly was the heart of our team and program this past season.  I know she will continue on to do great things, because she is just a great human being.  Best of luck with the rest of your Senior year, and in college next year!  Congratulations on all your accomplishments and this well-deserved honor!” ~ Mrs. Kari Kabat, Middle School Math Teacher and Head Volleyball Coach

“Olivia Poad has been very dedicated to the music department over the years. She has participated in many musical extra curricular activities that our district offers. Olivia has always served as a role model for her peers in her professionalism, ability to balance varying obligations and interests, and dependability. I have enjoyed working with Olivia within the Musical Theatre Club in particular. She joined the club in the midst of the pandemic, further demonstrating her ability to try new things as well as expertly juggle multiple stressors. For the live-streamed production of ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ she served as a backstage crew member, for which she earned the award for Leader of the Pack. For her backstage roles in both ‘Chicago’ and ‘The Drowsy Chaperone,’ Olivia was awarded the newly created position of Stage Manager. In this role, she was the model of trustworthiness, patience, organizational and leadership skills. I have come to greatly appreciate her sense of humor, candidness, honesty, and personality during our time together, and can attest to her thoughtfulness towards everyone with whom she works. Olivia’s positivity, well-roundedness, calm focus, and consideration of others will surely guarantee her success in her future pursuits!” ~ Mrs. Ashley Calderon-McHugh, Middle/High School Choir Teacher

“Olivia, congratulations on your selection as the Student of the Month for March.  You always have been and continue to be an outstanding, kind, and caring individual who takes advantage of each moment.  Thank you for being a great role model for underclassmen.  As a student you continue to impress me with your talents and ability to work hard to succeed in all areas of life.  Best wishes.” ~ Mr. Matt Austin, High School Principal

“Congratulations on becoming Student of the Month. I have always enjoyed having you in my classes.  You have the best sense of humor and are so easy to joke around with.  Your presence is always uplifting and positive; I know I can always count on you to brighten my day. You are so hardworking in everything you do and are so deserving of this award.  Enjoy the last few months of high school and I can’t wait to see where your future will take you.” ~ Mrs. Lesley Macaulay, Middle/High School Art Teacher

“Livie Poad is such a light!  She is kind and compassionate, and I most admire her perseverance.  It has been such a pleasure getting to know Livie over the past two years.  I enjoy her laughter, her humor and her resourcefulness.  Livie has set goals and is taking all the necessary steps to reach those goals.  She is hard-working and compassionate, making her a great candidate for a future career in healthcare.  I am so excited to see her thrive in her next chapter and look forward to hearing all about it.  Livie, keep being you – strong, sensitive, and kind.  Best of luck for the rest of your Senior year!” ~ Mrs. Erika Brunson, Middle/High School Counselor

(Nordstrom photo by Michaela Acherman, Poad photo by Lifka Bennett)