Mineral Point Middle and High School musicians participated in District Solo & Ensemble Saturday, April 2 at Cuba City. Some students also submitted their entries virtually.

State Solo & Ensemble will be held at UW-Platteville Saturday, April 30.

Congrats to all of our talented young people!


Starred First (Advances to State)

— Bryce Acherman, Alto Saxophone Solo

— Oliver Benson, Baritone Saxophone Solo

— Gena Byrnes, Alto Solo

— Gena Byrnes, Music Theater Solo

— Jazmine Cool, Bass Clarinet Solo

— Jazmine Cool, Music Theater Solo

— Jazmine Cool, Soprano Solo

— Julianna Cool, Alto Solo

— Marcus Cool, Music Theater Solo

— Josie Dunn, Oboe Solo

— Libby Dunn, Flute Solo

— Libby Dunn, Soprano Solo

— Libby Dunn & Josie Dunn, Woodwind Duet

— Libby Dunn, Gracelyn Foster & Abby Webb, Flute Trio

— Brock Ellingson, Baritone/Bass Solo

— Gracelyn Foster, Flute Solo

— Ella Fox, Music Theater Solo

— Ella Fox, Soprano Solo

— Matthew Goninen, Timpani Solo

— Ellie Janetka, Soprano Solo

— Callie Pierce, Music Theater Solo

— Callie Pierce, Soprano Solo

— Callie Pierce, Trumpet Solo

— Callie Pierce, Abel Logue & Tyler Nordstrom, Trumpet Trio

— Abby Webb, Flute Solo

— Abby Webb, Alto Flute Solo

— Elliott Webb, Tuba Solo


— Haley Buroker, Soprano Solo

— Julianna Cool, Clarinet Solo

— Julianna Cool, Music Theater Solo

— Ellie Janetka, Music Theater Solo

— Abby Webb, Soprano Solo

— James Webb, French Horn Solo

— Kelsie Wilson, Soprano Solo


— Haley Buroker, Music Theater Solo

— Jazmine Cool, Tenor Saxophone Solo

— Marcus Cool, Tenor Solo

— Anthony Luu, Tenor Solo

— Merisa Paynter, Alto Solo

— Chloe Thomas, Alto Solo

— Kelsie Wilson, Music Theater Solo

Critique Only

— Anthony Luu, Music Theater Solo

— Merisa Paynter, Music Theater Solo




— Marcus Cool, Trombone Solo

— Josie Dunn, Piano Solo

— Josie Dunn, Lucy Paynter & Liliana Fox, Vocal Trio

— Ella James, Bassoon Solo

— Lila Thousand, Oboe Solo


— Caiden Garcia, Tenor Solo

— Eli Klein, Baritone/Bass Solo

— Cooper McGuire, Tenor Solo

— Maci Muchow, Soprano Solo

— Liberty Orth, Soprano Solo

— Madelyn Steffes, Soprano Solo

— Ella Wilson, Bassoon Solo


— Emily Heisner, Violet Renwick & Leah Raab, Vocal Trio

Critique Only

— Lilly Murn, Clarinet Solo




— Marcus Cool & Libby Dunn, Vocal Duet

— Aida Tuttle, Flute Solo

— Autumn Robb, Flute Solo

— Tyce Sylvester, Alto Saxophone Solo


— Taitin Riley & Brooke Paynter, Vocal Duet

Critique Only

— Tyce Sylvester, Piano Solo