The Mineral Point Kiwanis Club honored its April Students of the Month at its meeting Tuesday, April 19.

The students, who are members of the senior class, are selected for this honor through a voting process by staff at the high school, and their biographies are written by themselves.

Kennedy Smith

Kennedy Smith would like to extend her heartfelt appreciation to the Mineral Point Kiwanis organization and Mineral Point Unified School District staff members for this honor. In addition, she would like to congratulate Jared Wedig on earning the April Student of the Month honor! 

Kennedy Smith is the youngest child of Brad and Wendy Smith. She has one older sister, Delaney Smith, and a dog named Piper. Kennedy spent the first ten years of her life in Platteville and moved back to her mother’s hometown in 2013. Kennedy is so thankful that her parents moved to Mineral Point. She has enjoyed many rewarding experiences, great friendships, and an excellent education while residing in Mineral Point. 

Kennedy has participated in many activities throughout her academic career. During her first half of high school, she participated in volleyball and basketball. She has explored her creativity in the multimedia class all four years of high school. She has participated in projects through multimedia, including involvement in recording and editing sports videos and segments for the news. Kennedy has also enjoyed being part of Key Club, Yearbook, Youth Group, Forensics, Future Business Leaders of America, and a Blue Crew officer. She also recently participated in the FBLA State Leadership Conference and was inducted into the National Honor Society. Kennedy has learned many great skills and life lessons while participating in these programs and events.

When Kennedy is not in school, she works daily as a lifeguard at the Lands’ End pool and at the Mineral Point Public Swimming Pool in the summer months. She also enjoys babysitting kids of all ages. Kennedy happily participates in multiple community service activities and hangs out with friends and family when not working.

Following high school, Kennedy plans to attend UW-La Crosse but is undecided on which major she will pursue. 

Kennedy would again like to congratulate Jared Wedig on earning this honor! Kennedy would like to thank her family and friends for their support throughout her high school career. She would also like to thank Mrs. Cindi Nothem, Mr. Tom Steger, and Mr. Matt Austin for greatly impacting her and always pushing her to do her best. Also, the Mineral Point High School students that made the last four years so special! 

“Kennedy is a sweet, kind girl. Her shy smile can light up a person’s day.  Even though I didn’t get the opportunity to have Kennedy in my class, I have had the chance to watch her grow and mature into the beautiful young lady she is today. Kennedy, I appreciate your hard working attitude and the compassion you show towards others!  Congratulations on becoming April’s Student of the Month! Good Luck next year!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know Kennedy these past four years as a student in my classes and as a member of my advisory group.  I know that I can always count on Kennedy for a friendly smile and greeting, no matter the time or place.  She is a beautiful and confident young woman, with a very bright future ahead.  Some of my fondest memories of Kennedy came during our advisory meetings on Zoom.  I could always count on a great conversation, celebrating the positives and brainstorming together on how to overcome challenges. I will greatly miss Kennedy, but I could not be more excited to see what the future has in store for this amazing young woman.” ~ Cindi Nothem, High School Math Teacher

Kennedy, congratulations on your selection as the Student of the Month and on everything that you have accomplished up to this point.  You have been, and continue to be, an outstanding, kind, and caring individual and have been a wonderful role model for underclassmen.  As a student, you continue to impress me with your talents and ability to work hard to succeed in all areas of life.  Best of wishes; you are going to do great things.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal

“‘Use your smile to change the world – don’t let the world change your smile.’ Anyone who knows Kennedy knows that her smile truly lights up the room. This smile, coupled with her enthusiastic attitude, truly will change the world.  I have had the privilege of teaching and advising Kennedy for the last four years.  She has always been an incredibly hard worker with outstanding communication skills.  Most impressive is how she accomplishes this while being genuinely kind and caring to those around her. Kennedy is always the first to offer a kind word and a helping hand. I will absolutely miss her next year, but I am so excited to watch her bright future unfold.” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

Jared Wedig

Jared Wedig would first like to thank the Kiwanis organization and the school staff at Mineral Point for giving him this incredible honor. Additionally, he would like to congratulate Kennedy Smith on earning the April Student of the Month honor. 

Jared is the son of Peter and Kimberly Wedig and the brother of Jacob, Jenna, and Jaxon Wedig. He has a very generous and helpful family that has made him the man he has become today. Jared is very appreciative of the Mineral Point community because they have always been supportive of him. Every person in the community is there for him if he needs them.

Mineral Point High School offers plentiful opportunities for students to participate in, both inside and outside of the building. Some of the activities that Jared participates in are: the Soccer and Track and Field Teams, Math Team, National Honor Society, and Skills USA. 

When not in school, Jared enjoys being out on the soccer field. He likes to be on the soccer team because he is given the opportunity to do what he loves. Outside of the school setting, Jared is a cashier at Triple P Express. He truly enjoys this job because it allows him to talk with the people of the community. In his free time, Jared enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

Being in Skills USA and participating in the state competition helped Jared find his desired career. Attending the state competition has shown Jared the importance of teamwork and working hard. After high school, Jared plans on attending the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. He wishes to achieve a major in Mechanical Engineering.

Once again, Jared would like to congratulate Kennedy Smith on earning the April Student of the Month honor. Jared would also like to thank everyone he has met along the journey that has shaped him into the person he is today. He would like to say a special thank you to Mrs. Lisa Hay and the Kiwanis organization, Mr. Ben McWilliams, Miss Erin Sincox, his mother and father, and his siblings for everything they have done for him.

“Jared Wedig has been a great student since kindergarten! Jared could always come up with the answers he needed and elaborated on why it was a good answer.  Today I see Jared as a leader, mentor, and friend to many, especially my current kindergarten class. I have enjoyed seeing the maturity Jared has exemplified.  I’m sure this will enable him to have success in the future, whatever his choice may be!  Congratulations on becoming Student of the Month, Jared!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“Jared, your graphic design skills have always amazed me.  For some students, design and computer graphics take much time to comprehend, but for you, it seems to come naturally.  You’re extremely bright and your level of intelligence is going to take you far in life.  Enjoy every minute you have left in high school; it goes way too fast. Congratulations and good luck in your future.” ~ Lesley Macaulay, Middle/High School Art Teacher

“Jared is an amazing human! So kind, generous, helpful, respectful, and so much more. He will do wonderful things. I’m proud to know such a great person.” ~ Amanda Ingwell, Elementary Instructional Assistant

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of coaching Jared for the last four years in high school and previously as a youth.  A real talent on the soccer pitch since he was young, Jared always had what I refer to as ‘a big foot.’  He was a player who could just crush the ball when he wanted to, although as a youth player there were a few times that he did so in spite of our best admonishments!  He is an impact player with a real ‘wow factor’ not found in many individuals.  Jared is responsible for many of my fondest soccer memories.  During competitions and in training sessions, Jared maintains his focus and is able to lead the younger players to do the same.  An effective communicator, Jared directs the play of his group and was highly successful in moving the ball vertically on the field.  He has many assists from the top of the goal area. Off of the field, Jared performs equally well.  His grades are excellent, garnering him National Honor Society notoriety.  He has seen success in both the math team and in Skills USA as well.  Jared volunteers at a local food bank and serves at community dinners.  I look for Jared to continue in the service of others throughout his life.  He is a young man of high character and I’m glad to have been there to see him grow into the person that he is today. Thanks for the memories, Jared!  All success to you in your future endeavors!” ~ Erik Bakken, Boys Soccer Coach

Congratulations on your selection as the April Student of the Month. I couldn’t think of a student who is more deserving of this honor.  Dependable, respectful, and positive are words that jump out at me when I am asked to describe you.  You have been an excellent role model for younger students and have been a great leader for your class.  Your skill set and positive attitude will take you far in life.  Best of luck with your future.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal

“‘If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.’ Jared, sweet boy, you are definitely the sunshine! Your humor, positive attitude, and outgoing personality will absolutely take you places. Jared has a magic way of bringing sunshine to all situations – he knows how to read the room. I have always appreciated his honesty and sincere interest in the classroom. You have been a joy to work with throughout the last four years. I wish you all the best and can’t wait to watch you continue to grow!” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

(Smith photo by Ann Gorgen, Wedig photo by Kim Wedig)