After a two year hiatus, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has released state report cards, based on 2020-21 school data.

The Mineral Point Unified School District has scored an 82.8, which places it into the Exceeds Expectations category, a four star ranking.

This score places the District in the top ten percent of school districts in the state (out of 421).

“After a chaotic school year, I think the report card scores demonstrate the quality of education that all of our students receive.  Even though it is just a snapshot, this is wonderful for all of our teachers and students to continue scoring at this level,” said Superintendent Mitch Wainwright.

Breaking down the District by building, the following scores were achieved:

Elementary: 86.4, Significantly Exceeds Expectations (five stars)

Middle: 83.8, Significantly Exceeds Expectations (five stars)

High: 76.9, Exceeds Expectations (four stars)

Report cards are issued on four priority areas:

  • Achievement
  • Growth
  • Target Group Outcomes
  • On-track to Graduation

Scoring categories are: Significantly Exceeds Expectations (five stars) 83-100; Exceeds Expectations (four stars) 70-82.9, Meets Expectations (three stars) 58-69.9, Meets Few Expectations (two stars) 48-57.9, Fails to Meet Expectations (one star) 0-47.9.

Any report card for any school in the state can be downloaded here: