Because of the pandemic, Mineral Point Middle and High School band and choir students participated in Spring District Solo & Ensemble virtually by submitting videos of their performances to the Wisconsin School Music Association for adjudication.

The Class A Starred First entries will advance to the State Competition later this spring.


Starred First (State Qualifier)

— Alexis Berget, Classical Vocal Solo

— Alexis Berget, Musical Theatre Vocal Solo

— Jazmine Cool, Classical Vocal Solo

— Jazmine Cool, Musical Theatre Vocal Solo

— Marcus Cool, Musical Theatre Vocal Solo

— Libby Dunn, Piccolo Solo

— Ella Fox, Musical Theatre Solo

— Daniel Nordstrom, Classical Vocal Solo

— Daniel Nordstrom, Trombone Solo

— Callie Pierce, Classical Vocal Solo

— Callie Pierce, Musical Theatre Vocal Solo

— Ellie Webb, Tuba Solo

— Kelsie Wilson, Musical Theatre Vocal Solo


— Marcus Cool, Classical Vocal Solo

— Libby Dunn, Flute Solo

— Brock Ellingson, Classical Vocal Solo

— Gracie Foster, Flute Solo

— Ella Fox, Classical Vocal Solo

— Estelle Janetka, Musical Theatre Vocal Solo

— Callie Pierce, Trumpet Solo

— Abby Webb, Alto Flute Solo

— James Webb, French Horn Solo

— Rita Wilson, Musical Theatre Vocal Solo


— Alexis Berget, Trumpet Solo

— Jazmine Cool, Bass Clarinet Solo

— Estelle Janetka, Classical Vocal Solo

— Regan Schuette, French Horn Solo

— Cecilia Stanton, Musical Theatre Vocal Solo

— Julius Walch, Alto Saxophone Solo

— Kelsie Wilson, Classical Vocal Solo

— Rita Wilson, Clarinet Solo


— Merisa Paynter, Classical Vocal Solo

— Merisa Paynter, Musical Theatre Vocal Solo

— Cecilia Stanton, Classical Vocal Solo

— Rita Wilson, Classical Vocal Solo




— Julianna Cool, Clarinet Solo

— Libby & Josie Dunn, Flute & Oboe Duet

— Josie Dunn, Oboe Solo

— Josie Dunn, Piano Solo

— Ella Fox, Euphonium Solo


— Marcus Cool, Trombone Solo

— Nolen Fox & Eli Klein, Classical Vocal Duet

— Nolen Fox, Baritone Saxophone Solo

— Matthew Goninen, Piano Solo

— Anthony Luu & Taitin Riley, Classical Vocal Duet

— Cecilia Stanton, Clarinet Solo


— Livie Poad, Trombone Solo




— Eli Klein, Trombone Solo

— Lilly Murn, Clarinet Solo