The Mineral Point Kiwanis Club honored its March Students of the Month at a virtual meeting Tuesday, March 2. The Kiwanis Club is meeting via Zoom during the pandemic.

The students, who are members of the senior class, are selected for this honor through a voting process by staff at the high school, and their biographies are written by themselves.

Matthew Nordstrom

Matthew would first like to thank the Kiwanis Club and the Mineral Point High School staff for selecting him as one of the March Students of the Month. He would also like to congratulate Cloe Rule for receiving the honor. She is an extremely hard working, caring, and determined person and there is not a better candidate that the honor could go to. 

Matthew has lived in Mineral Point his whole life with his parents Tom and Melissa Nordstrom, and his two brothers, Daniel and Tyler. His father Tom works at Badger Welding in town and Melissa is a hairdresser at Hair Unlimited in Mineral Point. His twin brother Daniel is a senior and his younger brother Tyler is a sophomore at Mineral Point High School. 

Along with his two brothers, Matthew has started a lawn mowing service that they run in the spring and summer months. Being self-employed has taught him the importance of putting effort into the things you care about in life. 

Doing some of the bookkeeping and budgeting has interested Matthew in using these skills towards a job. He plans on attending the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse in the fall to pursue a career in Finance. 

Matthew’s family is very loving and supportive of him and they are the reason he works so hard in school. Matthew is an officer for SkillsUSA, a member of Future Business Leaders of America, National Honor Society, and Forensics. He also plays football and runs track for the Mineral Point and Dodge-Point teams. 

He appreciates all of the teachers, advisors, and coaches at Mineral Point that have taught him to work hard for his goals in life. Matthew would like to give a special thank you to someone in the high school that he looks up to as a role model: Mr. Matt Austin. Mr. Austin is a leader and friendly figure that he looks up to, and values all the hard work he puts into making the high school an inviting place to learn. 

Matthew wants to again thank the Kiwanis Club for choosing him as one of the March Students of the Month and congratulate Cloe Rule for all the hard work she accomplished in school and also being selected. 

Matthew Nordstrom is probably one of the nicest students I’ve ever met. He always has a sincere ‘hello!’ and is very kind and patient with others. He’s also one of the most hardworking students too, and definitely deserves to be a Kiwanis Student of the Month! Congrats Matthew!” ~ Callie Gundlach, High School Special Education Teacher

Matthew is one of the most genuine young men I have ever had the privilege to have as a student.  He is always there to learn and put in any extra time that is asked of him.  I am fortunate to have had him as an officer in SkillsUSA for the past two years.  I will miss him greatly.  He is a quiet leader that leads by example.  I hope many choose to follow him in his future!  What a better world this will be.  Congrats.” ~ Kyle Carey, Middle/High School Tech Ed Teacher

“Matthew Nordstrom has always been a happy, smiling boy since he was a little guy in elementary school!  He is kind and always able to make others smile with his sweet demeanor. Matthew uses his hard working attitude towards academics at school and his business beyond school. I appreciate Matthew’s exceptional character and the way he conducts himself. Personally, he has always been so kind to our daughter Caiti and she was proud to wear his football jersey for the past few years.  I look forward to seeing Matthew’s bright future unfold and wish him the best in years to come!  Congratulations on being honored as Student of the Month, Matthew!  Have a great finish to your senior year!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“Matthew Nordstrom is a driven and detail oriented young man who strives for perfection in all he does.  He has very high expectations for himself.  He is quiet, humble, and kind to everyone. He takes an interest in people, is a great listener for his peers, and makes everyone around him feel valued. Every morning he is the first student to wish me good morning and always asks how my evening or weekend was. He is an active and valued FBLA member whose success in the accounting event contributed to our team’s success. Congratulations as March Student of the Month!  Enjoy your senior year and all the success to come!” ~ Kipalee Bakken, Middle/High School Business Teacher

“I’d like to note Matthew as one of the most kind students to walk in the office and has been since elementary school.  He is not only strong in his academics, taking two college courses and advancing to Spanish IV, but he is also a football player, took band his freshman year, and although he is quiet, his character speaks loud and clear. I also love how he peeks his head in the office when Chery Swingen is subbing to say, ‘Hi Grandma.’ That truly puts a smile on everyone’s face. Matthew has a bright future ahead of him and I wish him all the best at college and beyond. Congratulations on being named Student of the Month.” ~ Janet Lawinger, High School Administrative Assistant

“Matthew, congratulations on your selection as the Student of the Month for March.  As a young man, you are such a thoughtful, kind, and respectful individual and have been a wonderful role model for those around you.  Remember to always believe in yourself as you are very talented in many areas.  I can’t wait to see what your future holds and have no doubt that you will be successful in any endeavor you choose to pursue.  Thank you for being a part of Pointer Nation and best wishes for your future.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal

“‘The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.’ Matthew, this ‘go-getter’ attitude of yours has always dazzled me. It melts my heart when I bring up one of my crazy ideas, and you are always the first to excitedly say, ‘Ya – let’s try it!’ This attitude, coupled with your sincere drive to succeed, will truly bring you the bright future you deserve. I feel privileged to have been your teacher and forensics coach. I wish you so much joy and happiness and can’t wait to see what your future holds!” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

Cloe Rule

Cloe would like to begin by saying thank you to the Kiwanis for awarding her with Student of the Month. She would also like to congratulate Matthew Nordstrom on his outstanding achievement and to wish him the best of luck in the fall. 

Cloe is the daughter of Kurt and Leslie Rule. She lives outside of town and has gone to Mineral Point Unified School District since she was four years old. She has two sisters, Peyton and Kylie, and a brother Kade. As the older sister, she has to be a great role model for her younger siblings. Kurt and Leslie have made a big impact on Cloe’s life by pushing her to do her best and to support her through the last 18 years. 

Cloe will be attending Clarke University in the fall to pursue a degree in Nursing. She chose this degree because she has a passion for caring for others and her love for sciences. She would like to give many thanks to her Biology and Anatomy and Physiology teacher Mr. Tom Steger. Mr. Steger has made a large impact on Cloe’s knowledge of science and has made her passion grow for biology. She appreciates Mr. Steger helping her with her work and helping expand her knowledge.

Outside of school, Cloe spends a lot of time studying to maintain good grades. When not studying, she is working as a CNA at local nursing homes. Cloe loves being a caregiver and taking care of the elderly. She has been working and gaining experience for over a year now, and this will help her in college. She also has been a caregiver of young children for many different families in Mineral Point ever since she was in middle school. 

In Cloe’s free time, she enjoys photography, traveling, and spending time with her family. She likes ice fishing with her grandpa and grandma on her pond during the winter months. One of Cloe’s favorite road trips was driving to Clearwater, Florida, and stopping to see Nashville, Tennessee on the way there. 

Cloe would like to say thank you to all of the teachers and staff members in the Mineral Point Unified School District. They have challenged Cloe to do her best and to get great grades. She is thankful to have such great teachers and to help guide her accomplish her goals. 

It’s interesting how Matthew and Cloe were selected as Students of the Month at the same time. Both are quiet and reserved, but take care of their business with pride and grace. Looking back, I recall Cloe came to summer classes before her kindergarten year. I had fun getting to know her artistic and crafty side along with her nurturing personality. She was also helpful towards others and seemed to care about their happiness. I especially recall her care for her younger brother and her neat, tidy handwriting. I’d like to congratulate Cloe on being Student of the Month and wish her the best in finishing out her senior year!  Best Wishes, Cloe, for a bright future ahead!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“Cloe is one of those girls that is always friendly when coming into the office, starting up a conversation each time. She’s made sure her classes have been above and beyond the scope of her regular courses, at this time taking six college classes working her way towards a bright future. Cloe also obtained her CNA so she can make a difference in people’s lives plus earn a little extra money towards college. Cloe is a big supporter of her sister, Kylie, who wrestles all over the country. With these qualities Cloe is going to go far in life and I look forward to seeing what path she chooses. Congratulations on being named Student of the Month.” ~ Janet Lawinger, High School Administrative Assistant

“One could use many different words to describe Cloe such as helpful, polite, and determined, but the word that stands out the most to me is positive.  I would use this word because throughout the short time that I have known Cloe she is always pleasant to be around and has been a great student and leader amongst her peers.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand and has such a positive attitude towards school and anything she is working on.  Congratulations on your selection as the Student of the Month and best of luck with your future.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal

I have known Cloe for about five years and she is a strong and compassionate person. I have always admired Cloe for being her own person. She has always done what she felt was right and didn’t just go along with what everyone else was doing. She never let popularity over her good morals rule her. This quality will take her far in life. She works hard and cares about her grades. She is also a very compassionate person in all she does. I have seen Cloe outside of school and she portrays the same demeanor. Cloe, continue to always stay true to yourself! Good luck in the next chapter of your life.” ~ Judy Pelton, Middle School Instructional Assistant.

“From the day Cloe started school she has been a go-getter. She came to school with a sense of excitement and a determination to always do her best. Her smile, friendly demeanor, and love for her family are things I will always remember about her. Following her through media and watching all that she has accomplished has been a true joy. My wish is that she continues to be true to herself and follows her dreams.” ~ Laurie Heimsoth, 5th Grade Teacher

“The sentiment ‘patience is a virtue’ is what comes to mind every time I think about Miss Cloe Rule. This young lady is the perfect example of always exercising patience and control while demonstrating kindness and respect. Most impressively, she does this in situations where most would totally lose their cool. I have always appreciated her mature demeanor and the low-key calming vibe she gives off. Without a doubt, these attributes will carry Cloe through to a very successful future – which she continually earns and deserves!” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

(Nordstrom photo by Michaela Acherman; Rule photo by Lifka Bennett)