Because of the pandemic, Mineral Point Middle and High School band and choir students participated in State Solo & Ensemble virtually by submitting videos of their performances to the Wisconsin School Music Association for adjudication.

Congratulations to the following State place winners!


— Alexis Berget, Music Theater Solo

— Alexis Berget, Soprano Solo

– Jazmine Cool, Soprano Solo

– Libby Dunn, Piccolo Solo

– Ella Fox, Music Theater Solo

– Ella Fox, Soprano Solo

— Callie Pierce, Soprano Solo

– Callie Pierce, Trumpet Solo

– Cody Pierce, Trombone Solo

– Sage Shemak, Music Theater Solo

– Sage Shemak, Soprano Solo

– Owen Stephenson, French Horn Solo


– Jazmine Cool, Music Theater Solo

– Marcus Cool, Tenor Solo

– Cody Pierce, Baritone/Bass Solo

– Cody Pierce, Music Theater Solo

– Malachi Strompolis-Salama, Baritone/Bass Solo

– Ellie Webb, Tuba Solo