High School

On Thursday, March 5, Mineral Point’s High School Math Team traveled to Riverdale High School for the annual SWAL Math Contest.

Five students from each division compete both individually and as a team. Students take three individual tests as well as one team test. For the team contest, an individual average is calculated and the team test score is added to this average to get each division’s overall score. This year, we did not have any first place team awards, but came very close in four of the five divisions! Our Algebra 1 team was tied for 2nd, the Geometry team placed 2nd, the Advanced Algebra team was tied for 2nd, and the Calculus team was also tied for 2nd.

For individual awards, one gold, one silver, and one bronze are awarded (unless there are ties). This year, seven of our Mathletes earned these honors, including:
– Algebra 1: Tyler Nordstrom – Silver, Alana DuBois – Bronze
– Geometry: Jared Wedig – Bronze
– Advanced Algebra: Drew Hottenstein – Silver, Jazmine Cool – Bronze, Callie Pierce – Bronze
– Pre-Calc: Chloe Oberhauser – Bronze

The team was coached by Ben McWilliams and Cindi Nothem

Middle School

Thursday, March 5, Mineral Point Middle School attended the annual SWAL Math Team Contest at Riverdale. Each school was allowed to bring 10 participants with at least four of them being 7th graders. The schools participating this year were Boscobel, Cuba City, Darlington, Fennimore, Iowa-Grant, Mineral Point, Riverdale, and Southwestern.

Each participant worked individually and had to complete several challenging problems covering a variety of math concepts. Each problem was assigned a point value based on the level of difficulty. Students earned points by answering the problems correctly. These problems were divided into four sections. Each section had to be completed in 15 minutes.

A total of 80 students participated in the contest.

Gold medal winners were 8th graders Malea Aschliman, placing 6th overall, Derek Hottenstein and Abby Webb, tied for 7th place, Regan Schuette placed 12th, and 7th grader, Matthew Goninen, tied for 13th place.

Earning silver medals at the contest were 8th graders Landon Thousand and Libby Dunn, as well as 7th graders, Anthony Luu, Colton Dochnahl, and Brooke Paynter (alternate).

Students deserving recognition, but not participating, were Julianna Cool, who was ill the day of the contest, and 7th grade alternate, Michael Edgington.

The team was coached by Middle School math teachers Mike Chambers and Deb Soper.