On November 6, 28 of Mineral Point’s High School mathletes competed in the 47th annual UW-Platteville High School Mathematics Contest.  
At the contest, teams are broken down into four divisions based on school enrollment.  This year, students competed in Division 3, in which there were 13 teams representing 10 different schools.  Team scores are formed from the total of individual scores for the five highest scoring on each team in both the freshman/sophomore and junior/senior levels, as well as the team test for each of these levels. 
This year, our team consisting of Joey Robinson, Griffin Albaugh, Cole Ferrell, Drew Hottenstein, Jazmine Cool, Emma Steffes, Callie Pierce, Daniel Nordstrom, Will Straka, Carson Thomas, Cody Pierce, Owen Stephenson, Nick DuBois, and Hannah Ryser placed third in our division.
In addition to competing as a team, students are also able to earn individual honors for their scores on the individual test.  This year, we had four students earn this honor.  Drew Hottenstein had the highest score of any freshman and sophomore in our division.  Nick DuBois, Owen Stephenson, and Cody Pierce each received awards in the junior/senior level competition.
In addition to the contest, students enjoyed a tour of the UW-Platteville campus.  The second competing team included Gena Byrnes, Alana DuBois, Koby Filardo, Maddix Jackson, Ella Fox, Jared Wedig, Hayden Bakken, Skylar Martin, Lexie Berget, Ian Keyes, Tatum Novak, Ben Basting, Morgan Vondra, and Bodhi Broderick.  
The next contest for the High School Math Team will be the Mathematical Association of America High School Contest on Thursday, December 5.