The competitive public speaking season wrapped up Friday night April 12 at UW-Madison. Congratulations to our state forensics participants!

Earning a perfect score of 25 and gold medals were:

  • Josie Lindholm, Farrago
  • Ella Chambers, Henry Dailey, Mallory Lindsey, Gabe Sporle, Nolan Springer, Group Interp
  • Mara Aschliman, Grant Lee, Kyla Lindsey, Dana Schmitz, Katie Wilson, Group Interp
  • McKenna Reichling, Informative
  • Kaitlyn Kinch and Kevin Eisenzimmer, Play Acting
  • Owen Stephenson, Poetry
  • Cody Pierce, Poetry
  • Michaela Acherman, Prose
  • Alexis Berget, Prose
  • Jazmine Cool, Solo Acting

Silver (23-24 points):

  • Zoe Hay, Farrago
  • Garrett Ward, Impromptu
  • Zula Flanary, Poetry
  • Jenna Wedig, Prose
  • Sage Shemak, Solo Acting
  • Cole Wilson, Special Occasion

Bronze (20-22 points):

  • Grady Gorgen, Gunnar Gorgen, Ian Keyes, Isaac Lindsey, Liam Stumpf, Group Interp