On Monday, March 18, Mineral Point Middle and High School mathletes hosted the annual SWAL Math Team Contest. The schools participating this year were Boscobel, Cuba City, Darlington, Fennimore, Iowa-Grant, Mineral Point, Riverdale, and Southwestern.

For the high school, one gold, silver, and bronze are awarded in each division (unless there is a tie).

Team Awards:

Gold: Geometry (Alexis Berget, Jazmine Cool, Bo Hanson, Drew Hottenstein, Callie Pierce), Calculus (Nick DuBois, Maddie Faull, Abby Shannon, Owen Stephenson, Lily Wong)

Silver: Advanced Algebra (Bodhi Broderick, Skylar Martin, Tatum Novak, Carson Thomas, Rita Wilson), Precalculus (Ben Basting, Hannah Ryser, Cody Pierce, Will Straka, Morgan Vondra)

Bronze: Algebra (Ella Fox, Bryn Pryce-Ingwell, Blake Radtke, Jared Wedig, Hope Wilson)

Individual Awards:

Gold:  Jared Wedig (Algebra), Jazmine Cool (Geometry), Maddie Faull (Calculus)

Silver: Abby Shannon (Calculus)

Bronze: Hope Wilson (Algebra), Drew Hottenstein (Geometry), Bodhi Broderick (Advanced Algebra), Tatum Novak (Advanced Algebra), Hannah Ryser (Precalculus), Owen Stephenson (Calculus)

The high school team is coached by Ben McWilliams and Cindi Nothem.

For the middle school, multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals can be won.

Each participant worked individually and had to complete several challenging problems covering a variety of math concepts. Each problem was assigned a point value based on the level of difficulty. Students earned points by answering the problems correctly. These problems were divided into four sections. Each section had to be completed in 15 minutes.

A total of 80 students participated in the contest. Eighth graders, Cole Ferrell, placed second over all, and Joey Robinson tied for 7th place. Gena Byrnes, also an eighth grader, tied for 9th place. Other gold medal winners were eighth graders Maddix Jackson and Kylie Rule, and seventh graders Derek Hottenstein, Regan Schuette, and Malea Aschliman.

Earning a silver medal at the contest was seventh grader, James Webb. Abby Webb, seventh grader, earned a bronze medal.

Students deserving recognition, but not participating, were alternates, Brody Lee, eighth grader and seventh grader, Ella James.

The team was coached by Middle School math teachers Mike Chambers and Deb Soper.