The School Board began its regular monthly meeting Monday with an update from HSR Associates regarding the upcoming April referendum. (Scroll past the video for more article text)

HSR shared with the Board the first draft of a fact sheet that will be an integral part to communication of the referendum. Once finalized, the fact sheet will be published online, as well as mailed to the 53565 zip code.

Following that, HSR also provided an update to the Board on what their structural and civil engineer found when observing the existing elementary building.

HSR stated the addition to the building was put on solid foundation walls, while the original building was placed more on pier foundations. The addition is also raised up slightly, so water is coming down the hillside and is finding its way under the original part of the building.

HSR said to fix it, the clay would need to be removed under the building, as well as the storm under both parts of the building–the slab would need to be removed and replaced. Because this is extensive work, it would need to be done when school is out of session.

A cost estimate for this project would be about 20% of the total referendum cost ($11.92 million in November), so somewhere in the $2-2.5 million range.

To hear more detail about the foundation issue, check out the discussion in the video.

(This begins the meeting video)

Other Business

— The Board unanimously approved using the 20 year borrowing tax impact for the $19.5 million elementary building referendum in April, should it be successful.

The mill rate impact, per $1,000 valuation, would be $2.71. The annual impact on a $100,000 home would be $271.

This information will be featured in the district’s upcoming referendum communication efforts.

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— The Board voted 6-1 (with Andy Busch voting no) to approve a Special Education staffing proposal for the 2019-20 school year that would include the hiring of one additional special education teacher at the elementary school, and one additional special education teacher at the middle school. The plan also would reduce the number of instructional assistants by four.

Director of Pupil Services and Special Education Angie Klein said the reason for the change was:

  • At the elementary, a special education teacher would only need to support two grade levels, instead of the three grade levels each special education teacher is doing now.
  • At the middle level, one special education teacher could continue work with English Language Arts and Reading, while another could support math. Currently, the middle school doesn’t do any co-teaching for math.

Several spoke in support of this proposal, but had concerns for the instructional assistants who would be issued non-renewals. Klein said some instructional assistants are certified teachers, so it could be possible they would move into the new roles.

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— The Board voted 5-2 (with Andy Busch and Tony Dahl voting no) to table the payment to FEH Design for referendum work completed prior to the selection of a new architectural firm.

Some Board members desired FEH to submit a more detailed breakdown of costs on the invoice and requested FEH to provide that information prior to the March 11 meeting.

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— The Board heard highlights from the State Education Convention in Milwaukee from Aaron Dunn, Joelle Doye, and Mitch Wainwright. (Go to the 29 minute, 30 second mark)

— The Board heard the District’s recommendations for make up time due to inclement weather cancellations. This information has been communicated to families and staff. (Go to the 51 minute mark)

— The Board held a first reading of middle/high school discipline policies and procedures. (Go to the one hour, five minute mark)

— The Board unanimously approved the budget amendments as presented. (Go to the two hour, one minute mark)

— The Board approved 6-0-1 (with Jeff Basting abstaining) the credit card statement and bills payable. (Go to the two hour, 13 minute mark)

— Reports from building principals and directors concluded the meeting. (Go to the two hour, 19 minute, 30 second mark)

— The next regularly scheduled Board meeting is Monday, March 11 at 6:30 pm. The School Board Candidate Forum is set for Wednesday, March 13 at 7 pm.