(DPI press release)

About half of Wisconsin public school districts (including Mineral Point) will receive more general aid in the 2018-19 school year than they did for the 2017-18 school year based on estimates released by the Department of Public Instruction.

Mineral Point is estimated to receive an additional $60,033 for 2018-19, compared to 2017-18. This is a 1.39% increase.

Available general aid totals $4.656 billion, which is a $72.75 million (1.6 percent) increase in general aid compared to last year. Due to changes in aid deductions from Milwaukee Public Schools for the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, the actual increase in general aid will be $74.8 million. Of the state’s 422 school districts, 56 percent (235) are estimated to receive more general aid in 2018-19, while 43 percent of districts (183) are expected to receive less aid. The estimate shows four districts will have no change in the aid between the 2017-18 and 2018-19 fiscal years.

Factors that comprise the general equalization aid formula — property valuation, enrollment, and shared costs — impact whether general aid for a district increases or decreases. District aid estimates can be found on the department’s School Financial Services website. Estimates are available as “Summary by Alphabet” and “Summary by Percent.”

State statute requires the department to compute an estimate of the general school aid each public school district will receive for the coming school year by July 1. School personnel may use the estimate to complete their annual budgets and project changes in property tax levies. On Oct. 15, the department will certify state general aid amounts for 2018-19 based on audited 2017-18 data. Estimated general aid to districts is subject to change.

The department’s July 1 aid estimate does not include per pupil categorical aid, which will be based on student membership from the 2018-19, 2017-18, and 2016-17, school years (third Friday in September count). That aid of $654 per pupil will be paid in March 2019.