Haakon Schriefer

Megan Berg

Callie Pierce

Alexis Berget

Michaela Acherman

Sage Shemak

Owen Stephenson

Mineral Point Middle and High School Musicians culminated their Solo/Ensemble competition season with the State Festival at UW-Platteville Saturday, April 28.

All instrumental students at Mineral Point received 1st place ratings.

Those instrumentalists were:

  • Haakon Schriefer: Trombone Solo
  • Cody Pierce: Trombone Solo
  • Owen Stephenson: French Horn Solo
  • Haakon Schriefer, Brady Palzkill, Cody Pierce, and Daniel Nordstrom: Trombone Quartet
  • Owen Stephenson and Megan Berg: French Horn Duet

Our vocalists also did quite well.

Those receiving a 1st place rating were:  

  • Alexis Berget: Musical Theatre Solo
  • Michaela Acherman: Soprano Solo
  • Megan Berg: Soprano Solo
  • Callie Pierce: Soprano Solo

Those receiving a 2nd place rating were:

  • Alexis Berget: Soprano Solo
  • Sage Shemak: Soprano Solo
  • Sage Shemak: Musical Theatre Solo
  • Megan Berg: Musical Theatre Solo
  • Haakon Schriefer: Baritone/Bass Solo
  • Callie Pierce: Musical Theatre Solo