Hans Miller, left, and Brady Roberts are shown with School Counselor, Andy Palzkill, at the Kiwanis luncheon.

The Mineral Point Kiwanis Club honored its September Students of the Month at its meeting Tuesday, September 19 at the Pointer Cafe. These are the first Students of the Month for the 2017-18 school year.

The students, who are members of the senior class, are selected for this honor through a voting process by staff at the high school, and their biographies are written by themselves.

Hans Miller

Hans arrived at Mineral Point in the summer of 2016, a Junior in high school. Since then, he has embraced Mineral Point High School and the community as academic and social blessings.

In his seventeen years, Hans has lived in many places. He has lived in Hunan, China, and central Maine, and northern Wisconsin. Mineral Point is now home for Hans. More than anywhere else, Mineral Point has given Hans the ideal balance of academic, athletic, and social activities. Here, he studies with the guidance of teachers, and he plays soccer with the varsity Dodge-Point team, and he bonds with many friends who have accepted him as an eager arrival. Indeed, Hans is grateful for the warmth with which he has been accepted and embraced here as a student, teammate, and friend.

Here, Hans made the varsity soccer team, was selected for the National Honor Society, and was recently elected vice-president of the Class of 2018.

Of the many teachers and coaches who have helped and supported Hans, he appreciates the help of Mr. Matt Austin in physics. Mr. Austin has helped Hans with the particular challenges of physics. Mr. Austin seems to possess a special ability in understanding each student’s academic challenges, and then to bring out the best in the student.

Hans is thankful for Coach Kyle Glynn and Coach Erik Bakken. Hans’ favorite sport is soccer, and he is happy to play for the varsity Dodgeville-Mineral Point team. As a student who transferred from South Milwaukee High School in 2016, Hans was not sure he would be able to play varsity soccer here. He is happy that he made the team his junior and senior year.

Although he is not yet certain, at present Hans believes he will explore a career in medicine. He will welcome the possibility to study at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Hans has two dynamic and wonderful younger sisters: Sophie is ten years old and Heidi is six years old. Sophie and Heidi add a bright and happy chemistry to his life at home. Hans knows he should pay more attention to them.

Hans Miller is humbled by this honor to be selected as Student of the Month with his fellow student Brady Roberts. He is grateful to Mineral Point High School and the Kiwanis Club of Mineral Point for their kind support.

“Determination. That is what I think of when I see Hans.  Hans took a huge leap last year–not only was he a new student to Mineral Point, he also joined band. He had never been in band before and he hadn’t even had a music class since 6th grade.  When Hans joined the band, he wanted to play trumpet, actually against my recommendation. I thought that the saxophone or euphonium would have been a much better fit. But Hans was determined. He wanted to learn the trumpet, even if it would involve a lot of extra work. He took that instrument home every day (which I wish all my students did), and has worked very hard to bring him to the level of trumpet playing that he is at. The determination that Hans has shown on this instrument should be a lesson for all of us. If you want it hard enough, and you work at it hard enough, you can accomplish anything,” Matt Nevers, band teacher.

“Hans volunteered his time and talents as a member of the backstage crew for last year’s musical theatre production of ‘The Addams’ Family.’ Always willing to help, take initiative, and problem solve, he served as a terrific role model for his peers. His professional demeanor, work ethic, friendliness, and sense of responsibility was greatly valued, even to the point of his being requested by the Set Director to return to the crew this year for ‘Shrek the Musical.’ The Musical Theatre program is grateful to have Hans onboard for another season!” Ashley McHugh, choir teacher.

“Hans is a thoughtful contributor to class discussion. His peers enjoy listening to his opinions and hearing his writing,” Brittany Roscovius, high school English teacher.

“I have had the honor and joy of having Hans in my Spanish 3 and 4 classes.  Hans is a very hard working student both in and out of the classroom.  He is always willing to help others, and has tutored younger students on a regular basis.  I have no doubt that Hans will be successful at whatever path he chooses in the future,” Jenny Wahlin, high school Spanish teacher.

“I met Hans and his family the year before he moved to the district and I was glad that he was considering a move to Mineral Point. I had a real feeling that he would love it here.  Hans has been an asset on the Dodge-Point varsity soccer team as a fullback for the past two years. Hans is a determined player and has a strong work ethic. He is a great communicator and works hard to improve himself and his play.  He is a person with a lot to offer. He’s a great kid on and off the field!” Erik Bakken, assistant boys soccer coach.

Brady Roberts

Brady grew up outside of Mineral Point on the fifth generation family farm. He is the son of Gary Jr. and Julie Roberts. He has one younger brother, Brett, who is an eighth grader at Mineral Point Middle School.

Brady is very involved in school and activities. He has been a member of the football and trap teams for four years. He is currently a varsity football captain and president of the trap team. The highlight of his trap career was shooting 96 out of 100 clay targets at the 2016 State tournament. He is an active FFA member and has participated in wildlife career development events at the state level for the past two years. He is a National Honor Society member and was honored last year as Student of the Year for the Junior Class.

Outside of school, Brady is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping. His love for the outdoors has encouraged him to pursue his Junior Hunter Safety Instructor certification. With this certification, he helps other hunter safety instructors teach the importance of gun and bow safety to young people. In addition to these activities, he likes to spend time with his dad on home improvement projects, farm work, and car maintenance in his spare time.

Brady considers his work experience as an important addition to his education. He has not only learned skills and a good work ethic, he has also saved money for college. Over the summers he has worked at many neighboring farms milking cows, making hay, and doing miscellaneous farm chores. He has also had summer jobs as a construction worker, a landscaper, and a painter.

After high school, Brady plans on attending the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources. There, he hopes to major in wildlife ecology and pursue a career in that field.

Brady wants to recognize Mr. Tom Steger and Mr. Matt Austin as his most influential teachers. They share their enthusiasm for science with students and always make their classes interesting. They have both been encouraging and always willing to answer any questions. Mr. Steger also went out of his way to spend extra time with Brady and the FFA wildlife team to help study for their state exams.

Brady would like to thank the Mineral Point Kiwanis for the September Student of the Month honor and congratulate Hans for his selection as Student of the Month.

“Brady is a down to earth hardworking young man!  He sets achievable goals and heads down the path necessary to achieve them,” Kyle Carey, tech ed teacher.

“Brady was a quiet, caring kindergarten student.  He enjoyed having days to go home with dad and having dad visit us at school. Brady always did well in school and his quiet demeanor suited him well for getting his work accomplished. Congratulations on your achievements, Brady!  Enjoy your senior year and good luck next year!” Jill McGuire, kindergarten teacher.

“Brady is an individual that you want to be around. He is a hard worker, very respectful, and is always going to do his best,” Justin Leonard, assistant football coach.

“This past spring, our National Honor Society members were asked to help the elementary staff with the All School Family Reading Night.  Both Hans and Brady volunteered, and I was extremely proud of both of these young men as they really helped to make this night a success.  The elementary teachers said that they truly could not have done it without them.  I got the pleasure of attending the wonderful event as a parent with my son, Clayton, and they were both extremely welcoming and engaging with the young students.  I very much look forward to working with them both this year through the National Honor Society!” Cindi Nothem, high school math teacher.