The Mineral Point High School Music Department held its annual awards night Sunday, May 14 at the Opera House.

Photos from the event can be found in this album:

Awards were presented as follows:


Music Booster Award-Ethan Dickler.

Band: Most Enthusiastic-Grant Rose; Most Improved-Jack Neal; Most Outstanding-Cole Howard; Louis Armstrong Jazz Award-Addy Chambers; John Philip Sousa Award-Caleb Kennedy.

Choir: National School Choral Award-Fulton Flanary; Musical Theatre Award-Caleb Kennedy; Best Senior Tenor-Fulton Flanary; Best Senior Bass-Max Palzkill; Tenor Section Leader of the Year-Caleb Kennedy; Musicianship Award Tenor-Fulton Flanary; Best Tenor for Attitude-Caleb Kennedy; Best Bass for Attitude-Jack Neal; Most Improved Tenor-Ethan Dickler; Most Improved Bass-Chad Yeager.


Band: Most Enthusiastic-Danielle Blum; Most Improved-Hans Miller; Most Outstanding-Hakkon Schriefer.

Choir: Best Junior Soprano I-Sierra Evans; Best Junior Soprano II-Madison Bowers; Best Junior Alto-Danielle Blum; Best Junior Bass-Haakon Schriefer; Soprano II Section Leader of the Year-Samantha Schultz; Alto Section Leader of the Year-Evelynn Hendrick; Bass Section Leader of the Year: Haakon Schriefer; Musicianship Award Soprano I-Sierra Evans; Musicianship Award Alto-Danielle Blum; Musicianship Award Bass-Haakon Schriefer; Best Alto for Attitude-Danielle Blum; Most Improved Soprano II-Brianna Wedig; Most Improved Alto-Ireln King.


Band: Most Enthusiastic-Michaela Acherman; Most Improved-Madisen Faull; Most Outstanding-Megan Berg.

Choir: Best Sophomore Soprano I-Michaela Acherman; Best Sophomore Alto-Megan Berg; Soprano I Section Leader of the Year-Michaela Acherman; Musicianship Award Soprano II-Megan Berg; Best Soprano I for Attitude-Michaela Acherman; Best Soprano II for Attitude-Megan Berg; Most Improved Soprano I-Madisen Faull.


Band: Most Enthusiastic-Jenna Wedig; Most Improved-Cody Pierce; Most Outstanding-Owen Stephenson.

Choir: Best Freshman-Morgan Vondra.

Section of the Year:

Band: Trombones (Cole Howard, Brady Palzkill, Haakon Schriefer, Cody Pierce).

Choir: Altos (Danielle Blum, Madison Bowers, Mackenzie Martie, Ireln King, Megan Berg, Evelynn Hendrick, Morgan Vondra).