The State Forensics field is now set.

Congratulations to all of Mineral Point’s qualifiers!

Bold font entries are events that qualified through Districts Saturday, March 25 at UW-Platteville. Regular font entries are events that had Spring Break conflicts, which qualified through Mini-Districts Wednesday, March 8 in Mineral Point.

Students needed to score a 20 (or better) out of 25 possible points in a minimum of two of the three rounds in order to advance.


  • Addy Chambers (with assistant Jaycie Runde).


  • Morgan Fitzsimmons
  • Josie Lindholm
  • Zoe Hay

Four Minute Speech

  • Amelia Mitchell
  • Jalissa Weier

Group Interpretative Reading

  • Sydney Staver, Destinee Kruser, Jaynie Gorgen, Grant Rose, and Addison Dailey

Moments in History

  • Haakon Schriefer
  • Chad Yeager
  • Fulton Flanary

Play Acting

  • Peyton Ross and Kaitlyn Kinch


  • Zula Flanary
  • Valya MacGilvra
  • Rebekah Ottoway


  • Michaela Acherman
  • Jenna Wedig
  • Haley Chubb

Radio Speaking

  • Caden Jackson

Solo Acting Humorous

  • Madison Bowers

Special Occasion Speech

  • Cole Wilson


  • Danielle Blum

State will be held Friday, April 21 at UW-Madison.