The Mineral Point Unified School District received more outstanding academic news this week, this time from the Cooperative Educational Service Agency #6 in Oshkosh.

CESA 6 is currently engaged in a study of its Effectiveness Project districts who have seen exemplary academic growth from the 2012-13 to 2015-16 school years.

Of districts participating in the Effectiveness Project, Mineral Point saw unmatched academic growth.

CESA 6 has been a leader in educator effectiveness across the state. Their team of professionals partnered with Wisconsin educators to design the CESA 6 Effectiveness Project, a multi-tiered professional evaluation system for teachers, educational specialists, school administrators, central office administrators, and district administrators/superintendents.

The CESA 6 Effectiveness Project has been certified as a Department of Public Instruction equivalent model of the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System since 2013. This means school districts may use this system with full confidence that it has met and exceeded the rigorous equivalency standards set by the state for a system to evaluate teachers and building administrators.

CESA 6 is reaching out to the top 15 districts to learn more about factors that may have attributed to this outstanding achievement.

Superintendent Luke Francois surveyed staff members to find out their thoughts.

Mineral Point staff members cited the following reasons they feel academic growth has taken place at a record pace in the district:

  • Professional Learning Communities, which provide protected time on Wednesday afternoons for staff to focus on results and growth
  • Changed grading practices and better benchmark assessments
  • Dedicated daily time for small group interventions and enrichment
  • Dr. Anthony Muhammad’s teachings on transforming school culture
  • A more inclusive special education environment, including co-teaching
  • Low turnover of staff allowing for continuity

While there are certainly other factors contributing to academic growth, these were the ones most commonly mentioned by staff when asked.

In November 2016, the Mineral Point School District received the highest rating possible, a Five Star Rating, from the Department of Public Instruction on its State Report Card.