Senior Award Winners David Kelm, Kaylee Sparks, Caleb Mitchell, Justice Hendrick.

Mineral Point High School held its Music Awards Night Sunday, May 8 at the Opera House.

Awards were presented as follows:

Band Most Enthusiastic: Michaela Acherman, freshman; Haakon Schriefer, sophomore; Caleb Kennedy, junior; Logan Bidlingmaier, senior.

Band Most Improved: Megan Berg, freshman; Brianna Wedig, sophomore; Ethan Dickler, junior; Sarah Knapp, senior.

Band Most Outstanding: Brady Palzkill, freshman; Alayna McCarville, sophomore; Addy Chambers, junior; Alexa Sparks, senior.

Section of the Year: Saxophones: Grant Rose, Ireln King, Tess Oberhauser, Kaylee Sparks, Addy Chambers, Morgan Fitzsimmons.

Musical Theatre Award: Justice Hendrick

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: David Kelm

National School Choral Award: David Kelm

John Philip Sousa Award: Kaylee Sparks

Mineral Point Music Booster Award: Caleb Mitchell

The full photo album is available here:

Congrats, all!