On Wednesday, October 21, seven students and two adults from Redruth, Cornwall will arrive in Mineral Point for the next chapter in the Mineral Point-Redruth, Cornwall Student Exchange.

Included in the group will be students who were hosts for Mineral Point students who visited Redruth in March of this year. The leader of the group will again be John Rogers, a lead teacher in the Redruth School, accompanied by a second Redruth teacher, Sarah Davies.

Visiting students will be hosted by local families, including some students who hope to participate in future visits to Redruth.

While here, the students will do extensive touring of our area including visits to Pendarvis, as well as trips to Madison and Dubuque. Each student will also have an opportunity to do genealogy research seeking information concerning any ancestors which may have immigrated to Mineral Point.

During a previous visit to Mineral Point a few years ago, a descendant of the Gundry family was excited to discover the impact her ancestors had on our community.

The Student Exchange Program has been in existence for 16 years and more than 100 Mineral Point students have been involved in the project. Many families have maintained contact with students from previous visits and made further visits during holidays and summer vacations.

The project has received generous support from a number of community groups including the Kiwanis, Community Chest, Lions, and the SW Wisconsin Cornish Society, as well as other groups and individuals.

The community is invited to an evening gathering to meet and greet the visitors at a pot luck supper scheduled for Wednesday, October 28 at 6:30 pm at the Congregational Church. For further information, contact Glen Ridnour at 987-3317.