The Board of Education approved an ad hoc committee at its November 2017 meeting. The Elementary School Planning Committee will meet to address building needs at the elementary school and make a recommendation to the Board.


Tentative Meeting Timeline

11/14/2017 BOE discussion on Elementary School Planning Committee (EPSC). ESPC recruitment sent to families and committee selected. (6:30 pm District Board Room)

12/12/2017 BOE work session on EPSC (6:30 pm District Board Room)

12/21/2017 First ESPC Meeting (6:30 pm Elementary Library)

01/08/2018 BOE Meeting – ESPC Report (6:30 pm District Board Room)

01/09/2018 Tentative Tour of a New Elementary (Time and location TBA)

01/24/2018 ESPC Meeting w/ FEH-Space Needs and Facility Condition Assessment (6:30 pm Elementary Library)

02/12/2018 BOE Meeting FEH – Space Needs/Facility Condition & ESPC Report (6:30 pm District Board Room)

02/21/2018 ESPC FEH Joint Meeting – Consideration of options to be studied (6:30 pm Elementary Library)

03/12/2018 BOE Meeting (6:30 pm District Board Room)

03/20 and 03/21 ESPC and Staff/Community Design Workshop (Elementary with time TBA)

04/02/2018 ESPC Meeting – Preliminary Design Options & Cost Proposals. Draft Community Survey for Review. (Elementary Library 6:30 pm)

04/09/2018 BOE Meeting – Preliminary Design Options and Cost Proposals. Draft Community Survey for Review. (District Board Room 6:30 pm)

04/10/2018 Survey Distributed and Returned May 2

05/02/2018 ESPC Meeting – Review Survey Results (Elementary Library 6:30 pm)

05/14/2018 BOE Meeting – Review Survey Results. ESPC Final Recommendations to BOE. (6:30 pm District Board Room)

June 2018 BOE digests information and decides what to do.

July 2018 Possible referendum question drafted.

August 2018 Possible referendum planning and communication begins.

November 2018 Possible referendum.

Summer 2019 Likely occupancy for light/moderate renovation

Summer 2020 Likely occupancy for addition/new construction


Meeting Agendas

12/21/17 ESPC Meeting

1/9/18 ESPC Meeting


Meeting Summaries

12/21/17 ESPC Meeting


Meeting Videos

12/21/17 ESPC Meeting


Committee Members

Morgan Burris

Angela Drane

Cortney Finley

Tom Ingwell

Deb Ivey

Joni Martin

Leah McDonald (co-chair)

Sarah Pearce

Gail Poad

Jessie Potterton

Melissa Ryberg

Bridget Tippett

Maggie Tucker (co-chair)