The Challenges of Success

If you are looking for that next book to read, especially over the upcoming holiday break, I recommend Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance. The author, Dr. Atul Gawande, describes different examples in which individuals and organizations experience higher levels of success in comparison to others. How certain doctors and groups realized this uncommon achievement … Read More

Pointer Podcast: Courage Instead of Fears by Malea

This story was written by 5th grader Malea. Below is our brief conversation about her story and why she wrote it.  Courage Instead of Fears Ally lives in a big, aged house in Hillsburg, California. She lives with only her mom because her dad passed away when she was two. She spends all of her … Read More

A Welcoming Community

When I walked to the middle school/high school to interview for my current position earlier this year, one of the high school students held the school door open for me and said, “Hello”. I was pleasantly surprised. Once I was hired, I continued to experience the friendly demeanor of the people in the Mineral Point … Read More

Pointer Podcast: How to Catch an Alien by Spencer

This how-to piece was written by Spencer, a 1st grader, this week. He added illustrations, labels and dialogue to his work which supported his writing. You can listen to Spencer read aloud his writing below, followed by a brief conference.  

November 2016 Events at Elementary School

The fall is going fast at Mineral Point Elementary School! Here are a few of our upcoming activities: Tonight (11/10) and next week Thursday (11/17), parent-teacher conferences are being facilitated. If you have not set up a time with your child’s teacher, please do so soon. During conferences, a book fair has been set up in … Read More

Media Literacy Week: What it is and why it is important

Recently I was informed that this week (October 31 – November 4) is media literacy week. Even though I am active in a variety of social and digital media, this was news to me. I am assuming it is to you too, so I thought I would take a moment to share what media literacy … Read More

Pointer Podcast – How to Be a YouTuber by Carter

Carter wrote an informative paper titled “How to Be a YouTuber”. He worked hard in crafting his words in order to explain this process. Carter also used a peer to help him make it better through revision. Click on the audio file below to listen to Carter read aloud his writing, followed by a brief conference … Read More

Our Collective Commitments

The teachers and administration at Mineral Point Elementary School recently developed seven collective commitments. Collective commitments are the values and habits that a faculty puts into action on behalf of our students. They are directly aligned with our district’s mission and vision. These collective commitments were agreed upon as a staff through consensus, with an … Read More

Follow Up to School Mall Fundraiser

On Tuesday, all students received a fundraising packet from school. The program, School Mall, asks students to fill out postcards to send to family and friends. Recipients of these postcards will be directed to the School Mall website, where they can order items they might typically purchase at a variety of retailers through this organization. A … Read More