At the School Board’s regular monthly meeting Monday, the Board held its annual organizational meeting. (Go to the 19 minute mark of the video)

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The following officers were elected unanimously: Aaron Dunn, President; Joni Heisner, Vice President; Will Harris, Clerk; and Justin Skelding, Treasurer.

Committees were named as follows:

— Operation: Skelding, Chair; Dunn, Vice Chair; and Christie Johnston, Member.

— Finance: Andy Busch, Chair; Heisner, Vice Chair; and Harris, Member.

— Personnel: Heisner, Chair; Johnston, Vice Chair; and Rachael Bergstrom, Member.

— Policy: Skelding, Chair; Bergstrom, Vice Chair; and Dunn, Member.

Heisner was named CESA Delegate with Harris being named the WASB Delegate.

Unanimously, Angela Schubert, District Administrative Assistant, was again named Board Secretary.

The Board unanimously approved keeping its salaries at $600 per member annually.

Meetings will remain on the second Monday of each month at 6 pm (except for December 11 which will be a 5 pm start due to the middle/high school holiday concert).

Other Business:

  • The Board recognized the following:
  • State FBLA
  • State Forensics
  • State Skills USA
  • State Solo & Ensemble
  • State FFA CDE Contest
  • Region 3 Paraprofessional of the Year (Judy Pelton)
  • National Wrestling Hall of Fame Award (Kylie Rule)

(This begins the meeting video)

— The Board unanimously approved the open enrollment requests in and out of the District for the 2023-24 school year as presented. If all additional requests approved actually attend in the fall, the District would see 25 more open enrolled students in compared to this year. (Go to the one hour, 29 minute mark)

— The Board approved by a 6-0-1 vote (with Dunn abstaining) employee health insurance for the 2023-24 school year. No changes to the current insurance plan would have meant a 4% increase for the District’s cost. Due to budget constraints for next school year, the Board approved an increase to the drug card for employees. Additionally, employees will now have the choice between the current Point of Service plan, or switching to a HMO. If they choose to keep the Point of Service, the increase in premium cost would be 100% their responsibility to pay. (HMO will be no additional cost to the District, and therefore no additional cost to the employee.) During this last year, 96% of employee claims would’ve fallen under the HMO.

(Go to the one hour, 39 minute mark)

— Following closed session, the Board unanimously approved the hires of:

  • Kaelyn Martin, Elementary Teacher
  • Jessie Sigg, Elementary Teacher
  • Piper Graham, Night Custodian

— Unanimously clarified the Middle/High School Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director position will be a 100% position with an additional duty contract for time worked outside of the 190 day teacher contract

— Held a first reading regarding recommended changes to Rule 458 – Education for Homeless Children and Youth. (Go to the one hour, 36 minute, 30 second mark)

— The Board unanimously approved tabling certified and support staff compensation until the June meeting. (Go to the one hour, 48 minute mark)

— The Board unanimously approved the summer school wage scale at the 2022-23 salary. (Go to the one hour, 56 minute, 30 second mark)

— The Board unanimously approved tabling the vote to potentially move meetings back to the Board Room, which have currently been held in the middle/high school library since the start of the covid pandemic. With pandemic emergency guidelines ending this week by the World Health Organization, Superintendent Wainwright anticipates additional meeting guidelines forthcoming from WASB. (Go to the one hour, 59 minute, 30 second mark)

— The Board unanimously approved the credit card statement and bills payable. (Go to the two hour, 22 minute mark)

— Building Principals presented their monthly reports. (Go to the 59 minute, 30 second mark)

— The Board heard policy and finance committee reports. (Go to the 56 minute, 30 second mark)

— Superintendent Mitch Wainwright presented his monthly budget update. (Go to the one hour, 28 minute mark)

— The next regular board meeting is set for Monday, June 12 at 6 pm.