Kim Wedig

Elementary Instructional Assistant

Hometown: I grew up on a dairy farm outside of Cobb. There was ALWAYS something to do on the farm.

High school graduated from: Iowa-Grant

College: Southwest Wisconsin Technical College (Certified Nursing Assistant Training, Advanced Certified Nursing Assistant Training, Licensed Practical Nurse license)

Previous employment: Inclusa Supportive Home Care, Bloomfield Healthcare, Homeward Bound Supportive Home Care, Lands’ End Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant & Packer.

Family: In my immediate family, there are six of us, me being the oldest. My parents are my neighbors so it’s nice to have family close…real close. I am currently married to Pete Wedig for 29 years and have four children: Jacob, Jenna, Jared, and Jaxon. We have lived in Mineral Point, in the same house, the entire time. I never thought I would marry a Pointer as they were a big rival growing up as a Panther.

Hobbies/Free time interests: Both Pete and I like being with our kids as much as possible as they grow up so fast. We will soon have three who have graduated HS. We do like to go to movies as a family, especially Marvel movies. I really enjoy football and for those of you who know me, I am a big Steelers fan. Getting to another game in Pittsburgh is on my “to do” list. Most of my time right now is travelling to the kids’ sporting events and whatever else they are involved in.

What attracted you to apply in #PointerNation?: Nursing and teaching were two things I was interested in when I graduated from HS but ended up working at Lands’ End for 22 years instead of going to college. Then at 40 years old, with four small children at home, I finally enrolled in SWTC for nursing and started to work at Bloomfield and Home Health agencies taking care of children and adults who need additional help. Then Bloomfield closed, and a part-time teacher’s aide position opened up in our school district so a good friend of mine told me to apply. It took me three weeks to fill out the application. So now I have the best of both worlds. I work in a great school district part-time, continue with Home Health part-time, and work at an area nursing home fulfilling both my nursing and teaching interests.