by Superintendent Mitch Wainwright

Mineral Point is proudly home to one of the first schools in the state of Wisconsin with records finding evidence of a school existing here as early as 1829 and the first class graduating from MPHS in 1879.

Our Pointer Media class is continually adding names of alumni to its webpage indicating the accomplishments of outstanding Pointers.  There are doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, leaders in agriculture, and many more impactful areas.  The number of people that have helped make this community, and school district, widely recognizable is astonishing.  Another individual has added their name to that list during the weekend of January 29th.

As a former history teacher, I enjoy the connection a person can feel to the past.  I also enjoy it when someone has the opportunity to make history.  At the end of January, the WIAA held the first-ever girls’ state tournament in wrestling.  One of Mineral Point’s very own wrestlers was a state champion.  Kylie Rule is a champion and has written her name in the history books.  It is an outstanding accomplishment, and the school district is proud of her.

This feat came with a great deal of hard work and dedication.  Kylie has put in long hours in the practice room, and wrestling wherever she can.  Recently, she came back from Europe where she was crowned champion in an international wrestling tournament.  Being the first to do something, like winning a championship, in the first-ever state tournament makes it historic.  Years from now, you will be able to look back in the record books and find the name Kylie Rule, and the special place she came from, Mineral Point.  We can all take a moment and be proud of her accomplishments as a representative of #PointerNation!