#PointerNation is excited to announce that Jim and Bonnie (Lancaster) Laverty will serve as Homecoming Parade Marshals for 2020!

Jim and Bonnie were both MPHS Class of 1965 graduates where Bonnie reigned as Homecoming Queen in 1964. Additionally, Bonnie spent 17.5 years teaching art at MPHS, after 13 years at Highland.

Get to know the Lavertys:

Family:We have three daughters: Rachel, Sarah, and Molly. Also have two cats. We actually live in their house.”

Favorite Homecoming memories:

Jim: “Building the floats in the Mohlman’s garage. We started planning weeks ahead of time. That way I got the car.  Also collecting material for the bonfire. We cleaned out all the combustible material in the basement at Fine’s Business.  Was a win-win situation. He got his basement cleaned and we got out of school to collect it.” 

Bonnie: “Comradery of the whole float operation is still immortalized in our memories (even if I can’t find the pen I just had in my hand). The great skunk float was the BEST in my memory. We built an armature of lumber and formed a chicken wire skunk that was stuffed with hundreds of tissues. That skunk raised its tail and blew aerosol snow from its rump as it traveled the route. I dreamed of stuffing tissues into chicken wire for quite a while after each Homecoming. Our MPHS Art Club ‘kicked butt’ with our Homecoming floats. My favorite entry was a huge pink dragon that danced down ‘Main’ under 16 feet of sparkling pink fabric attached to hula hoops and a huge papier mache head. It was powered by Art Club feet as it rolled its eyes and opened its mouth. The worst disaster of our Art Club ‘Floating’ was our 12 foot origami bird. It rained fiercely but the parade was held. Our hours of work in how to fold origami on steroids took mainstreet on top of a sky blue car. Its once rising wings fell over the car doors, dripping and drooping. Questions followed the parade. ‘What was it?’ All the piecing together, reinforcing the paper, mapping out the folds, taking off shoes so we didn’t mark the paper as we walked across the huge square to make another fold. Sometimes you win and sometimes…”

What makes MP Homecoming special?

Jim: “MPHS Homecoming is special because it includes everyone from the 50 year plus Alumni to to 4-K students.  Other than this year, there are several events catered to MPHS Alumni. The Fab 50’s pasty lunch.  Always nice to catch up with friends from past years . The parade with the 50 year grads honored. There is the excitement for both the Alumni Grandparents and their grandchildren who are now participants in the parade.  The crowning of the Queen is always exciting. The parents skit is looked forward to, too. Then the game of course. The Mighty Pointers show all their hard work training pays off as they demolish the opposing team. The band performing at halftime keeps everyone’s attention and sense of pride built up. Finally, the dance which would not be a success without the hard work from the committee.”

Bonnie: “It comes down to being a part of something larger than ourselves. Whether you are a proud parent, community member, teacher, participant, or anyone else there is a bonding experience in this event. It has changed over the years, and will change even more this year. Our wish for Homecoming is that in fifty years you can look back with a warm, special feeling about a personal memory of your MPHS Homecoming.”

What was your reaction when you were asked to serve as Parade Marshals?: “Stunned at first. Then, why us? Then smiled and thought we are the Parade Marshals for the MPHS Homecoming Parade. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! A big thank you to the committee who thought enough of us to grant us this honor.”

The parade is set for 4:45 pm Friday, November 6. Lineup will be at Soldiers Memorial Park at 4:30 pm. Route is pictured below and is different than in previous years:











For this parade, entries from the community at large will not be permitted. The parade will consist of parade marshals, court members, senior fall athletes, senior cheerleaders, senior music students, and senior parents of fall athletes.

In conjunction with the MP Police Department, the Mineral Point Unified School District is asking spectators to park alongside the parade route and to remain in their cars as they watch the parade.  All spectators are encouraged to use best practices during the parade.  Please wear a mask and socially distance from other spectators.

People participating in the parade will be required to wear a mask and practice social distancing guidelines from each other.  On the wagons, parents/students will be spaced out at a minimum of 6 feet.

Mineral Point Homecoming is always a very special time in our community and we look forward to safely celebrating our Pointer Pride!