This description, originally posted in the Back-to-School Blueprint, is only a general example of what students and families can expect daily, Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday. Wednesdays are designated for independent learning unless the teacher has scheduled any specific events for their students. Teachers will be reaching out with more specifics, for example offering age-specific expectations for virtual learning and asking you how we might best meet your needs during the school year.

(Note: Start and end times for 1st -5th grade is 8:00 A.M. to 2:55 P.M. The EC/4K/K AM Session is 8:00 to 10:50 A.M. The EC/4K/K PM Session is 12:05 – 2:55 P.M. These teachers will reach out with more specific information.)


7:45 A.M. – The School Doors Open

Students come in with masks on along with their backpack, coat, and any other supplies, entering the building by themselves. (We are requesting parents/guardians remain outside of the building to reduce exposure.)

  • Grades K-2 can enter the building through the main office doors
  • Grades PK and 3-5 can enter on the second-floor doors by the gymnasium

Please maintain at least six feet of a social distance when entering the school (Cothern St).

Bus students will be dropped off at the same spot along Front St. They will then walk the sidewalk along Front St, go right on Cothern (staff will be present to guide kids), and enter the building through the designated doors. There will not be morning recess to avoid gatherings.

Students’ teachers will be waiting for them at the classroom door, also with masks on. Breakfast requests will be tallied the day before; a cold offering will be delivered outside the classroom before school begins for students that choose. Students can hang their coat and backpack at a cubbie, which will be separated from others and cleaned regularly.

  • For virtual students: Prepare at home for the school day, such as having breakfast, getting dressed and ready, and logging into the Chromebook or iPad.

8:00 A.M. – The School Day Begins

For all students, there will be some type of morning meeting. The purpose for these meetings is to go over the plan for the day and to build community. Trust and relationships are so important at all age levels; these times to connect also build social, speaking and listening skills.

  • For virtual students: For some virtual students, they will be joining a Zoom meeting directly with their teacher and peers. Others may be including kids virtually within an in-person morning meeting. Your child’s teacher will be providing more specifics.

Around 8:15 – Morning Instruction

Instruction in one subject area will begin. For in-person teaching and learning, students will do their best to maintain six feet of social distance. Classes have been redesigned to help support this effort. If students need to use the restroom, there will be a limit on the number of students in that space (bathrooms will also be cleaned more regularly).

Hand washing and other important sanitation practices such as face masks and avoiding touching one’s face will be reinforced. Teachers will do their best to designate learning manipulatives and texts to individuals and reduce any unnecessary sharing of supplies.

  • For virtual students: The teacher will engage directly with all the virtual students via Zoom and/or other multimedia technologies. This may include but not limited to a read aloud, guided discussion around a text, and/or demonstration of a writing strategy. Breakout rooms and other effective online learning strategies will be implemented to keep students at home engaged in the lesson.

 Around 10:00 – Mid-morning Break

At some point in the morning, students will go outside for a brief recess or general break. Class cohorts will be designated to certain spots on the playground to keep them separated. These assigned locations will change regularly so everyone has an opportunity to experience all the playground.

Either before or after recess, students will have a snack. They should bring in their own food; milk will be offered and delivered to their classroom. For this year, we ask that families do not bring in a birthday treat. Let’s be creative in how we might celebrate your child’s important day.

The rest of the morning will be dedicated to more teaching and learning. All students will receive either specials (art, music, physical education) or life skills (counseling, library, technology) in the morning. These will be shortened sessions due to limited time in school.

  • For virtual students: We do not want students spending an inordinate amount of time on a screen, regardless of the activity or content. Students will likely be directed to engage in more independent activities, such as independent reading, journaling/writing, and personal learning/passion projects.

Noon – Lunch and Recess

Student cohorts will be walked to the cafeteria for lunch. Dividers will be set up to help keep students separated as they take their masks off to enjoy their meal. Because we have fewer students in school, we feel we can have at least some of the students eat in the cafeteria. If we believe numbers are too high in that space, we will have some cohorts eat in their classrooms.

Other cohorts will go outside to their designated spots for recess. Masks are not required outside but students are welcome to wear them.

  • For virtual students: This is also a lunch break for students at home. Kids are encouraged to play outside and get some fresh air when possible.

Afternoon – More Instruction

The afternoon will continue with more instruction in the rest of the subject areas. Teachers have been encouraged to pare down the curriculum to the essentials, what is necessary for their students to know and be able to do. They have also been provided with support on incorporating some of the promising practices families have requested from the spring survey:

  • Structured, student-led discussion
  • Authentic tasks and meaningful projects
  • Voice and choice in what to learn and how
  • Clarity on what to do and why we are doing it

During this time, students will also have either specials or life skills, whichever session they did not experience in the morning.

  • For virtual students: There will likely be another Zoom chat to provide more guidance and instruction in the rest of the subject areas. Depending on the age, some assignments that are easier to explain such as a specific math lesson may be posted in Seesaw or Google Classroom as a pre-recorded screencast. For the time in which teachers are not directly engaged with their virtual students, there will be office hours available for students and families to connect with them, to ask questions or seek help.

Beginning 2:50 – End-of-the-Day Dismissal

Some form of closing circle will be led to review what was learned and to celebrate a safe and successful learning day. Students in school will prepare to go home and line up in their classrooms, spaced out. Cohorts will be released on a staggered schedule to help ensure separation of groups. At this time, all classes will dismiss the same way they came in.

When picking up your child, please avoid congregating outside at the front of the office. Stay on the sidewalk at a safe distance from others or remain in your vehicles in the lower parking lot until your child(ren) are present and ready to be picked up. Grade level cohorts will be released on a staggered schedule as follows:

2:40 5th Grade
2:43 4th Grade
2:46 3rd Grade
2:49 2nd Grade
2:52 1st Grade
2:55 Kindergarten & PK
  • For virtual students: There will likely be some form of closing with the teacher and peers to also review what was learned and to sustain the classroom community.