Jena Hore

6th Grade Teacher

Hometown:  Lancaster

High school graduate from: Lancaster High School

College: I earned my Bachelors from UW-Platteville in Education (Grades 1-8) with a minor in English.

Previous employment: For the past two years, I have served in the Potosi School District as a middle school special education teacher and most recently as the 7th grade teacher. I completed my student teaching at Argyle Elementary, as well as at Mineral Point Middle School, under McKenzy Brown.

Family: My family includes my fiancé Dylan, my son Ryker, and our soon to be baby girl in October. I also have an older brother Justin, and a younger sister MaKayla. My parents are Tom and Anne Hore. 

Hobbies/Free time interests: When I have free time, I enjoy spending time with family, going hiking and working out. I also really enjoy reading. By sitting down and reading a good book, it can take your imagination to so many different places. You are also able to learn so much.

What attracted you to apply in #PointerNation?:  I worked in the 6th grade classroom as a student teacher and from that moment, I was attracted to the mentorship that I received from the staff. Also, the sense of community was amazing, and everyone made me feel like I belonged in this district. 

Quotable: “I believe compassion, communication, and flexibility are of the utmost importance to being an influential teacher. I will incorporate hands-on learning, cooperative learning, projects, and individual work that engage and activate students’ learning. Every student can learn, no matter his or her location, identity or problems. Throughout my life, I have learned so many lessons that will forever stay with me. I plan to keep learning and evolving myself, while still staying true who I am as a person.”