The Mineral Point School Board voted unanimously at its Monday meeting to create an Ad Hoc Committee to continually study the school reopening process this school year.

The Committee’s role will be advisory only and will provide monthly reports to the School Board.

The Committee will be charged with providing feedback on school reopening to help maximize safety and academic performance this school year.

The District is looking for a diverse group of stakeholders including community members, parents, staff, students, and administration. Please express your interest to serve by contacting Angie Schubert, District Administrative Assistant, no later than Noon Friday, August 14 by emailing In your message, please indicate why you would like to serve on the committee. This information will help select a diverse group of participants. 

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Other Business:

— A major discussion point of the Reopening Plan was an update to what bus transportation will look like this year. Superintendent Mitch Wainwright stated he has been in contact with Todd Schmitz of First Student, who was waiting on final student registration numbers before making concrete plans.

Some items being considered include: alternating seats with one student to a seat, having students from the same family sit together, having students who attend the same daycare sit near each other, mask wearing, hand sanitizer use, filling the bus from back to front, and opening windows as weather allows.

At the time of the Board meeting, 83% of the student body had completed the registration process. Of those, 208 students are asking for busing. Due to the hybrid model, not all students will be riding on the same days.

Superintendent Wainwright stated the agenda item requesting a potential delay in face to face instruction at the elementary was not needed. Maintenance Director Roger Palzkill reported to Wainwright that his custodians were able to clean the building properly following the return of power to the building last week, so a delay is not necessary. The first day of classes will remain Monday, August 24 for Kindergarten through 12th grade, and Monday, August 31 for 4K. If participating in the hybrid model, families should follow their cohort communication and Back to School Blueprint for details on what days their student(s) will be in the building and what days they will be virtual.

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— The Board heard an update from Eric Portz with Kraemer Brothers regarding the elementary construction project. His update included that the project is on schedule with pre-cast walls going up for the new gym and library, as well as the side block wall. Coming soon will be structural steel, roof joists and deck, and the company hopes to have all exterior walls up in September. (Go to the seven minute, 30 second mark).

— Superintendent Wainwright provided an update from the District’s food service company, Taher. He highlighted some changes from last school year, before the COVID shutdown, including the addition of a salad bar at the middle/high school, more home cooked options, a professional chef on site occasionally, and a reduction in plastic waste.

Some potential changes coming this year will be no self-serve (Taher staff will serve the meals), more pre-packaged items (especially ala carte at the middle/high school), grab and go breakfast, social distancing (assigned seats and plastic dividers) in the cafeteria. On virtual days, students will be allowed to participate in the meal program, with grab and go and delivery options for purchase. Families should expect more information forthcoming on what lunch will look like this year via email.

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— The Board heard an update from Athletic Director Vickie Dahl regarding fall sports participation in the SWAL Conference. She stated the WIAA is holding a meeting Friday, August 14 with the SWAL meeting again Monday, August 17.

She stressed, even if competitions take place this fall, there will be “big changes” that would likely include, but are not limited to, limiting fan attendance, mask wearing indoors, and limited concession stands. She said the District is also looking into livestreaming options, should fan attendance be limited.

The Board voted 5-1-1 (with Everett Lindsey voting no and Andy Busch abstaining) that it would like to meet following the WIAA meeting, but before the SWAL meeting, to give Dahl and administration direction on how to vote and represent the District’s wishes regarding fall sports at the Monday SWAL meeting. 

As of now, cross country is set to start practice Monday, August 17 with football, volleyball, and boys soccer beginning Monday, September 7.

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— Under Employee Services:

Unanimously approved the retirements of Marcia Roberts (1st Grade Teacher) and Deb Soper (6th Grade Teacher), along with the resignation of Gina Reichling (Elementary Instructional Assistant).

Approved the hiring of Jayne Lindsey as School Nurse with a 6-0-1 vote with Lindsey abstaining.

Unanimously approved the hirings of Ricky Schaaf (Middle/High School Evening Custodian), Jena Hore (6th Grade Teacher), and Katelyn Dunham (1st Grade Teacher).

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— Unanimously approved the employee and high school athletic handbooks. A committee will meet regarding possible changes to the Homecoming Court selection process. (Go to the one hour, 49 minute, 15 second mark)

— Unanimously approved the credit card statement and bills payable. (Go to the two hour, 29 minute, 15 second mark).

— The next regularly scheduled Board meeting is set for Monday, September 14 at 6:30 pm.